Structural and Stress Analysis by Jianqiao Ye
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Structural and Stress Analysis by Jianqiao Ye

Structural and Stress Analysis Theories, tutorials and examples by Jianqiao Ye | PDF Free Download.

Structural and Stress Analysis Contents

  • Introduction
  • Axial tension and compression
  • Torsion
  • Shear and bending moment
  • Bending stresses in symmetric beams
  • Deflection of beams under bending
  • Complex stresses 
  • Complex strains and strain gauges
  • Theories of elastic failure
  • Buckling of columns
  •  Energy method

Preface to Structural and Stress Analysis PDF

This book is not intended to be an additional textbook of structural and stress analysis for students who have already been offered many excellent textbooks which are available on the market.

Instead of going through rigorous coverage of the mathematics and theories, this book summarizes major concepts and important points that should be fully understood before students claim that they have successfully completed the subject.

One of the main features of this book is that it aims at helping students to understand the subject by asking and answering conceptual questions, in addition to solving problems based on applying the derived formulas.

It has been found that by the end of a Structural and Stress Analysis course, most of our students can follow the instructions given by their lecturers and can solve problems if they can identify suitable formulas.

However, they may not necessarily fully understand what they are trying to solve and what is really meant by the solution they have obtained. For example, they may have found the correct value of stress, but may not understand what is meant by “stress”.

They may be able to find the direction of principal stress if they know the formula, but may not be able to give a rough prediction of the direction without carrying out a calculation.

To address these issues, understanding all the important concepts of structures and stresses is essential.

Unfortunately, this has not been appropriately highlighted in the mainstream textbooks since the ultimate task of these textbooks is to establish the fundamental theories of the subject and to show the students how to derive and use the formulas.

Leaving out all the detailed mathematics and theories found in textbooks, each chapter of this book begins with a summary of key issues and relevant formulas.

This is followed by a key point review to identify important concepts that are essential for students’ understanding of the chapter.

Next, numerical examples are used to illustrate these concepts and the application of the formulas.

A short discussion of the problem is always provided before following the solution procedure to make sure that students know not only how but also why a formula should be used in such away.

Unlike most of the textbooks available on the market, this book asks students to answer only questions that require minimum or no numerical calculations.

Questions requiring extensive numerical calculations are not duplicated here since they can be easily found from other textbooks.

The conceptual questions ask students to review important concepts and test their understanding of the concepts. These questions can also be used by lecturers to organize group discussions in the class.

At the end of each chapter, there is a mini test including both conceptual and numerical questions. Due to the above-mentioned features, this book is written to be used with a textbook of your choice, as a useful companion.

It is particularly useful when students are preparing for their examinations. Asking and answering these conceptual questions and reviewing the key points summarized in this book is a structured approach to assess whether or not the subject has been understood and to identify the area where further revision is needed.

The book is also a useful reference for those who are taking an advanced Structural and Stress Analysis course.

It provides quick recovery of the theories and important concepts that have been learned in the past, without the need to pick up those from a more detailed and, indeed, thicker textbook.

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