Social Media Marketing for Dummies by Shiv Singh
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Social Media Marketing for Dummies by Shiv Singh

Social Media Marketing for Dummies by Shiv Singh | PDF Free Download.

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A recognized digital marketer, Shiv Singh has been with Razorfish ( since 1999, and he has worked in the Boston, New York, San Francisco, and London offices.

As the company’s VP & Global Social Media Lead, Shiv helps the agency introduce its clients, such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Microsoft, Citibank, Ford Motor Company, Panasonic, Novartis, and Starwood, to social influence marketing.

And he shows them how to incorporate social media and social technologies to support marketing and business objectives. His role also includes capability development, developing strategic partnerships, leading thought leadership efforts, and encouraging experimentation with social media across the agency.

Shiv has been published widely, and he has spoken at conferences such as South by Southwest Interactive, the Direct Marketing Association’s Leader’s Forum, OMMA Global, O’Reilly Graphing Social Patterns, the ARF Annual Summit, and the Social Ad Summit.

He has also been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and by Reuters, Associated Press, Adweek, Ad Age, and several other noted publications discussing digital strategy and social influence marketing.

Social Media Marketing for Dummies Contents

Part I: Getting Social with Your Marketing

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Social Influence Marketing
  • Chapter 2: Marketing via Niche Networks and Online Influencers
  • Chapter 3: Accounting for the Influencers

Part II: Putting SIM into Action

  • Chapter 4: Launching SIM Campaigns
  • Chapter 5: Energizing Employees within Your Company for Social Influence
  • Chapter 6: Applying Metrics to the SIM Realm

Part III: The Part of Tens

  • Chapter 7: Ten SIM Best Practices
  • Chapter 8: Avoiding Ten Common Mistakes

Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Dummies

On August 23, 1999, Blogger launched as one of the earliest dedicated blog-publishing tools. At that time, social media was considered a niche activity on the fringes of the Internet. But today, Blogger is the 16th most popular site on the Internet, hosting millions of blogs.

In a span of three years, Facebook has grown to over 200 million users, and Wikipedia, for all practical purposes, has replaced Britannica as an encyclopedia. Social media is today the most important phenomenon transforming the Internet.

There is more to it than the phenomena, though. It also presents unique marketing opportunities, providing new ways to reach social influencers and allows people to influence each other and do the marketing for the brand.

Social influence marketing (SIM) forces companies to rethink how they market online, to whom they market, and how to structure their own organizations to support these new marketing opportunities.

Social Media Marketing For Dummies is written to help you make sense of the madness. This book simply explains what social influence marketing is and how you can harness it to achieve your objectives as a marketer. It also aims to help you prioritize what’s important and what isn’t.

About This Social Media Marketing for Dummies PDF

The social influence marketing space is changing rapidly, so by very definition, this book can’t be completely comprehensive. It does, however, aim to distill the core concepts, trends, tips, and recommendations down to bite-sized, easy-to-digest nuggets.

As social influence marketing touches all parts of marketing and all parts of the Internet, too, (from traditional Web sites to social platforms to the mobile Web), based on your own experiences, you’ll find some sections more valuable than others.

As you read this book, keep in mind that the way people influence each other online and impact purchasing and brand affinity decisions are similar to the way they’ve done for thousands of years in the real world.

The technology is finally catching up, and social influence marketing is fundamentally about allowing and encouraging that behavior to happen in a brand-positive manner online, too.

This book helps you understand why social media matters to marketers and how you can harness it to directly impact your own marketing efforts in meaningful ways.

Targeted at both marketers in large organizations and those of you who work in small businesses or run small businesses, it includes advice for every business scenario.

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