How To Be A Math Genius Train Your Brain To Be Math Genius
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How To Be A Math Genius Train Your Brain To Be Math Genius

How To Be A Math Genius Train Your Brain To Be Math Genius | PDF Free Download.

Math Genius Contents

Math Brain

  • Meet Your Brain
  • Math Skills
  • Learning Math
  • Brain Vs. Machine
  • Problems With Numbers
  • Women And Math
  • Seeing The Solution

Inventing Numbers

  • Learning To Count
  • Number Systems
  • Big Zero
  • Pythagoras
  • Thinking Outside The Box
  •  Number Patterns
  • Calculation Tips
  • Archimedes
  •  Math That Measures
  •  How Big? How Far?
  • The Size Of The Problem

Magic Numbers

  • Seeing Sequences
  • Pascal’s Triangle
  • Magic Squares
  • Missing Numbers
  • Karl Gauss
  •  Infinity
  • Numbers With Meaning
  • Number Tricks
  • Puzzling Primes

Shapes And Space

  • Triangles
  • Shaping Up
  • Shape-Shifting
  • Round And Round
  • The Third Dimension
  • 3-D Shape Puzzles
  • 3-D Fun
  • Leonhard Euler
  • Amazing Mazes
  • Optical Illusions
  • Impossible Shapes

A World Of Math

  • Interesting Times
  • Mapping
  • Isaac Newton
  • Probability
  •  Displaying Data
  • Logic Puzzles And Paradoxes
  • Breaking Codes
  • Codes And Ciphers
  • Alan Turing
  • Algebra
  • Brainteasers
  • Secrets Of The Universe
  • The Big Quiz
  • Glossary
  • Answers
  • Index
  • Credits

Preface to How To Be A Math Genius Train Your Brain

A World Of Math

It is impossible to imagine our world without math. We use it, often without realizing, for a whole range of activities —when we tell time, go shopping, catch a ball, or play a game.

This book is all about how to get your math brain buzzing, with lots of things to do, many of the big ideas explained, and stories about how the great math brains have changed our world.


Math is essential for scientists—it helps them test theories and makes them exact. Some theories are then put to practical use, to build bridges, machines, and even carnival rides


You need math to make just about everything, from a cake to a car. Quantities, costs, and timings must all be worked out using calculation and estimation

Panel puzzle 

These shapes form a square panel, used in one of the carnival stalls. However, an extra shape has somehow been mixed up with them. Can you figure out which piece does not belong?


 Many areas of math involve looking for patterns, such as how numbers repeat or how shapes behave. Often these patterns can be used to help us and inspire new ways of thinking.


Understanding shapes and space helps us make sense of the world around us. You need to know about this area of math to create and design anything including tricky games

Profit margin

 It costs $144 a day to run the bumper cars, accounting for wages, electricity, transportation, and so on. There are 12 bumper cars, and, on average, 60 percent of them are occupied each session. The ride is open for eight hours a day, with four sessions an hour, and each driver pays $2 per session. How much profit is the owner making?

A game of chance 

Everyone loves to try to knock down a coconut but what are your chances of success? The stall owner needs to know so he can make sure he’s got enough coconuts, and to work out how much to charge.

He’s discovered that, on average, he has 90 customers a day, each throwing three balls, and the total number of coconuts won is 30. So what is the likelihood of you winning a coconut?

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