Create Computer Games Design and Build Your Own Game
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Create Computer Games Design and Build Your Own Game

Create Computer Games Design and Build Your Own Game by Patrick McCabe | PDF Free Download.

Computer Games Contents

  • Chapter 1: What Is Game Design?
  • Chapter 2: Unity: The Software You’ll Use to Build Your Game
  • Chapter 3: Creating Level 1
  • Chapter 4: Camera, Character, and Controls 
  • Chapter 5: Making Your “Game” into a Game 
  • Chapter 6: Play Testing 
  • Chapter 7: Fixing and Adjusting Your Game
  • Chapter 8: Animating in Blender
  • Chapter 9: Creating Your Assets
  • Chapter 10: Animating Your Characters
  • Chapter 11: Coloring and Lighting Your Game 
  • Chapter 12: Importing Your Characters into Your Game
  • Chapter 13: Play Testing 
  • Chapter 14: Finalizing Your Game

Introduction to Create Computer Games PDF

This book explains the basics of game design using the free game development tool Unity. This book was created to make Unity accessible for young adults who are interested in the process of game design but don’t know where to begin. Game design is tough.

It involves figuring out and understanding everything from design to coding. Knowing where to begin is daunting and can feel inaccessible.

Just keep in mind that no one starts off great at game design. You don’t need to know everything to start, and thinking that you do is one of the hardest challenges to overcome.

This book was written to get people like me to start thinking about game design in a different way. This book isn’t about making a perfect game or about teaching you everything about game development or even Unity.

This book is a starting line. It teaches the basics and encourages you to think about games differently.

About Create Computer Games Design and Build Your Own Game

This book was written with the thought that games are tough to make and that coding is confusing. Think of this like a cookbook that explains why you use two eggs instead of three and what the pepper does to help bring out the flavor.

The codes and game development that this book walks you through are approached from the bottom up.

Things make sense when you understood why certain codes or components are needed. Just knowing the ingredients to a recipe doesn’t teach you how to cook.


This book was written for teenagers who have an interest in developing games. People who have spent years working in game design will find this book repetitive and probably not useful at all. I don’t pretend that this teaches everything about game design — I know for a fact that it doesn’t.

This book is an introduction to the field, so it was made for people who have little to no idea where to even begin when they design their games.

Some rudimentary typing skills and access to a computer and the Internet are all you really need to read this book. You’ll also need a copy of Unity, which you can download for free (I’ll show you how).

Download Create Computer Games Design and Build Your Own Game in PDF Format For Free.