Writing a Business Plan 2nd Edition by Evans
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Writing a Business Plan 2nd Edition by Evans

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Essential Guide to
Writing a
Business Plan How to win backing to start up or grow your business 2nd Edition by Vaughan Evans | PDF Free Download.

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Vaughan Evans is well placed to be your guide in business planning. He has been advising financiers on whether to back businesses for 30  years and, on the other side of the table, has written many successful business plans tailored to meet the concerns of backers.

He is an independent consultant specializing in business strategy and planning for SMEs and in strategic due diligence for private equity having worked for many years at management consultants Arthur D. Little and investment bankers Bankers Trust Co.

He is the author of many successful business books, including the sister book to this, The FT Essential Guide to Developing a Business Strategy (2013) and the innovative and highly acclaimed Key Strategy Tools (2012).

An economics graduate of Cambridge University and a Sloan Fellow with the distinction of London Business School, Vaughan is an entertaining speaker and seminar leader.

His recent book, Stand, Speak, Deliver! (2015), is a pithy, witty guide on how to survive – and thrive – in public speaking and presenting

Writing a Business Plan Contents

part 1 Preparing your plan

  • Essential preparation 

part 2 Writing your plan

  • The business
  • Market demand 
  • Competition 
  • Strategy 
  • Resources 
  • Financials and forecasts
  • Risk, opportunity, and sensitivity
  • Conclusion

part 3 Using your plan

  • Pitching your plan 
  • Setting targets
  • Performing to plan 

Preface to Writing a Business Plan eBook

Do you need a backer for your business? You need a business plan. Don’t know where to start? Congrats, you’ve come to the right place. Let this book be your guide in crafting a plan that will meet your backer’s concerns. This is the second edition of this book.

The first, launched in 2011, met with a gratifying response – from entrepreneurs, managers, employees, consultants, academics, and students. They liked the style, the approach, the tools, and the case studies. But, most of all, they liked the perspective.

This book is written from the perspective of the backer. It guides you all the way through to addressing the issues that are likely to concern your backer.

It urges you to tailor every word, every number, every fact, every assertion in your plan to the needs of your backer.

The reason for this emphasis is simple. The vast majority of business plans received by a financier end up in the bin. Put yourself in their shoes.

They see SO many business plans, dozens and dozens of them, every month, that unless it is evident that the plan writer has done the homework and taken the trouble to address their likely concerns, in the bin it goes – even if the business proposition contains elements of (unproven) promise.

This book will show you how to design, craft and shape a plan to the needs of your backer. Readers’ feedback also included a number of most useful recommendations on how the book could be improved, which I have happily taken on board for this edition.

Here are the main changes:

  • Further drawing out of the specific challenges faced by start-ups – particularly on pinning down your perceived market niche and your perceived competitive advantage
  • A new chapter, by specific request, on pitching the plan – an art as much as a science, but an area I have great pleasure in including, having 25 years’ worth of tips on public speaking and presenting to impart! 
  • A new chapter on performing against the plan, taking in key performance indicators and milestones 
  • A new appendix on alternative sources of finance 
  • A new appendix showing an example business plan in its entirety, from start to finish 
  • A new appendix on what to read next.

The main aim of this book, as in the first edition, is to help you write a winning business plan. But the secondary aim has always been to give you a good read.

Enjoy – and best of luck with your launch or expansion plans!

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