The Complete Book of Business Plans 2nd Edition
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The Complete Book of Business Plans 2nd Edition

The Complete Book of Business Plans Simple Steps to Writing Powerful Business Plans 2nd Edition by Brian Hazelgren and Joseph Covello | PDF Free Download.

Authors of The Complete Book of Business Plans

Joseph A. Covello is the founder of The Covello Group, a professional firm specializing in business planning and finance located in Clearwater, Florida, and serving the greater Tampa Bay area.

His firm services small- and medium-size clients in various industries including manufacturing, distribution, service, and retail.

Joe holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University and he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from William Paterson University.

He has co-authored two books, Your First Business Plan and The Complete Book of Business Plans, and in addition, he has written several notable papers on business-related subjects. He has been a radio talk show co-host with Brian Hazelgren on the number one station in the Phoenix, Arizona, market.

The show was called “All About Business” and the focus topics were geared toward assisting business owners and managers in creating business efficiencies in management, sales, marketing, production, and finance.

In addition, Joe served as an adjunct faculty member for the State of Arizona Community College District where he taught classes in Sales, Marketing, Management, Human Relations, and Business Planning.

He was instrumental in creating, developing, and presenting the course on business planning to the College District Board where it was approved and implemented as an official course to be used throughout the College District.

Over his twenty-six-year career, he has been hired into several key management positions for the primary purpose to spearhead business start-ups, turnarounds, and expansions.

During his tenure, each business enterprise achieved higher sales levels, increased employee morale and productivity, and a more profitable bottom line.

Brian J. Hazelgren is Managing Partner of Business Training Camp and is a globally recognized expert in business planning, strategic planning, infrastructure development, training, sales, and operations.

Brian has written and co-written seven books and has produced Business Game Plan Collection CDs for entrepreneurs. Three of his books have received prestigious awards, and are course textbooks in several colleges.

Brian is also a frequent guest on radio talk shows and conventions throughout the country. During the past twenty-two years, Brian has been consulting with many companies on a local, national, and international scale where he has developed strategies and tactical programs to increase sales by 400 percent to over 4,000 percent.

His techniques of sales, marketing, logistics, and operations have spanned small businesses, large enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and government. He has owned several successful businesses in the manufacturing and consulting, and also manufactured and distributed the popular Gumball Wizard vending machines.

Brian is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Utah in the Entrepreneurship Program for graduates and undergraduates. He has a degree in Marketing from Western International University, with a minor in Finance where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.

He has developed the teaching curriculum for several courses in the Entrepreneurship Program for the University of Utah and has been a judge for several years for the statewide business planning competition, The Entrepreneur Challenge, for all universities and colleges.

Brian has been a radio talk show co-host with Joe Covello on the number one station in the Phoenix, Arizona, market KFYI AM. The talk show was called “All About Business” and the focus of topics was geared towards assisting entrepreneurs and managers in running a better organization.

As a member of the BYU National Championship Football Team in 1984, Brian played defensive back and kick return specialist. He was a two-sport All American, and four-sport All-State athlete in high school.

As a sprinter in track and field, Brian has held five records in the State of Utah. Brian and his wife, Ann, have six children and live in Riverton, Utah.

Book of Business Plans Contents

Section One: Getting Ready to Write Your Winning Business Plan 

  • Chapter 1: Evaluating You and Your Business Idea
  • Chapter 2: Powerful Guidelines for Writing a Winning Business Plan
  • Chapter 3: 100-Plus Questions to Personal and Business Success 
  • Chapter 4: Sample Business Plan—Forward Tech, Inc

Section Two: Writing Your Winning Business Plan 

  • Chapter 5: Company Overview 
  • Chapter 6: Product and Service Description
  • Chapter 7: Market Analysis 
  • Chapter 8: Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Chapter 9: Internet Strategy 
  • Chapter 10: Management and Personnel Plan 
  • Chapter 11: Financial Projections 
  • Chapter 12: Executive Summary 
  • Chapter 13: Appendix Section of Your Business Plan

Section Three: Implementing Your Winning Business Plan 

  • Chapter 14: Raising Capital 
  • Chapter 15: The Future and Building Your Business
  • Chapter 16: Other Considerations and Helpful Hints 

Section Four: Knowledge Building for Preparing Your Winning Business Plan

  • Chapter 17: Financial Ratios, Glossary, and Chart of Accounts
  • Chapter 18: Helpful Internet Links 

Section Five: Samples of Winning Business Plans

  • ABC Consulting & Training
  • Artistic Studios
  • Enviro-Friendly Products 
  • Global Wholesale 
  • Jeff Miller Landscapes, LCC 
  • MacuGen, Inc 
  • Moore Pharmacy 
  • Product Manufacturing Company 
  • XYZ Consulting Co., LCC

Introduction to The Complete Book of Business Plans 

Business planning, believe it or not, is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your highest and loftiest goals, as well as your wildest dreams.

The act of researching, writing, creating, and expanding on your business idea can be an exhilarating experience as long as you have the proper tools at your disposal. The Complete Book of Business Plans is one of the tools that will help you get there in a much easier fashion.

You will find The Complete Book of Business Plans user-friendly and easy to follow. We use familiar words and phrases, and we’re mindful that your time is valuable, so we get right to the point.

This book will assist you in developing a world-class business plan that gets you the results you are looking for.

It has been written and formatted in a way that will lead you along the planning path with less resistance and will assist you in cutting through the commerce forest with a professionally honed and sharpened blade.

How will you accomplish this? Simple: by following the lessons we have learned over the last twenty years.

We have personally written over two hundred business plans; we have authored six books on the subject of planning; we both teach—or have taught—at colleges and a major university; one of us is a judge for one of the country’s top annual business plan writing contests

And most important, we both have had to learn in the trenches on the front lines of the small, medium, and large business on how to properly research, write, and craft a winning business plan.

As with any business management tool, business planning can be used for multiple purposes such as starting a new business, raising capital, launching a new line of products or services, expanding business facilities, selling an existing business, or gaining a better focus of an existing enterprise.

Whatever your reasons, we are here to help you, and as long as you follow the simple advice, ideas, and format presented in The Complete Book of Business Plans, you will be well on your way to crafting a highly successful plan of your own.

We will be providing you with guidelines for successful business planning and real-life examples of what has worked and what has not worked in the planning process.

Yes, there is a science to writing business plans, but it is the art that will take center stage. You are crafting a document that will serve as a foundation for your business quest. Our job is to help you focus your energy and balance your enthusiasm with a little bit of reality.

We have learned a lot during our years in business, and we’ll share these lessons with you along the way. Learn from our experiences, both good and bad, as well as others as you journey throughout the book and apply them to your situation.

This is an art in its finest form. Although business planning is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what you want to accomplish, the process must still have some elements of fun and reward.

But, make no mistake, you will not be able to just snap your fingers, buy some software, push a few buttons, and call it good.

Based on the complexity of your business model, plan on spending about fifty to one hundred fifty hours of researching, writing, rewriting, thinking, strategizing, and crafting a blueprint for your next successful venture.

The process is certainly about planning because it involves intentionally setting goals, choosing a desired future, and developing an approach to achieving those goals. You have to be disciplined in order to keep yourself focused and productive.

The process of planning pushes entrepreneurs, business owners, and business managers to examine experience, test assumptions, gather and incorporate information about the present, and anticipate the environment in which the business will be working in the future.

Think of your business plan as a rolling ninety-day plan that plugs into the overall strategy and allows for a tactical focus, while you are ramping up the long-range plan.

Your business plan is ultimately no more and no less than a set of decisions about what to do, why to do it, what resources to involve, and how to do it.

The following list highlights the importance of having a written business plan. We offer them here as a way to approach this important work of proper planning. Successful business planning:

  • leads to action
  • builds a shared vision 
  • is an inclusive and participatory process in which the team can claim ownership • holds individuals accountable to the organization and stakeholders 
  • is both externally and internally focused and sensitive to the organization’s environment 
  • is based on quality data 
  • requires openness to questioning the status quo 
  • is a key part of effective management

Many business managers feel that they can keep track of everything without the need to write it down. They figure a written plan is really just the representation of internal planning that every business manager does anyway.

So what justifies the additional time and energy they will spend creating a written plan that presents a blueprint of their business or business idea?

Well, the structure that a written plan provides makes it more likely that you will consider all relevant factors and that nothing important will slip through the cracks. Put simply, a written business plan increases your chance for success.

Every successful team has some sort of game plan that they follow and update as they go forward. More specifically, a plan can be:

a reality check that forces you to consider all relevant factors when you first examine the feasibility of your business idea 

your business’s résumé, which will be vital in dealing with lenders and outside investors, and an important tool in negotiating with vendors and attracting employees 

  • a timetable for operations, helping you to coordinate all the diverse activities that go into running your own business 
  • a modeling tool that helps you evaluate the variables that affect your business, so you can better prepare to deal with situations that may arise as conditions change
  • a way to track the progress of your business
  • a blueprint against which you can adjust operations in order to achieve your goals 
  • a starting point for future planning 
  • the foundation for raising capital

The business planning process can be complex, challenging, sometimes overwhelming, and even chaotic, but it can also be a lot of fun.

Take advantage of tools like this book and learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Our simple, easy-to-understand process can show you how to write a winning business plan that may save you time and money—an incredibly valuable proposition!

Well, then, sit back, roll up your sleeves, and prepare to be amazed at how much you will learn and how much fun you will have as you watch your dreams unfold.

Develop your own road map for the greatest journey you could possibly imagine. Today’s planning determines tomorrow’s victories.

Now is the time to start planning for a tomorrow filled with success and prosperity

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