Photoshop CC First Edition PDF
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Photoshop CC First Edition PDF

Photoshop CC First Edition | PDF Free Download.

Photoshop CC Contents

  • Session 1 Fill-in-the-Blanks
  • Create a Project Plan
  • Create a Project Plan Worksheet
  • Providing Feedback
  • Customize the Workspace 
  • Customize Menus 
  • The Scanned Image
  • From Digital Camera to Photoshop CC
  • Camera Raw 
  • Importing, Exporting, Organizing, and Saving
  • Canvas and Rotate
  • Creating Documents and Using Rulers and Guides
  • Snap To It 
  • Color Management 
  • Color Management Worksheet 
  • Color Theory and Management 
  • Managing Color Settings 
  • Digital Image Terminology 
  • Digital Image Terminology Worksheet 
  • Image File Formats 
  • Image File Formats Worksheet 
  • Print, Web, and Video 
  • Session 2 Fill-in-the-Blanks
  • Resolution and Cropping
  • Using the Histogram Panel 
  • Auto and Manual Adjustments 
  • Auto and Manual Adjustments Worksheet
  • Image Adjustment 
  • Tonal Adjustments 
  • Selection Tools 
  • Selection Tools Worksheet
  • Selection Techniques 
  • Selection Techniques Worksheet 
  • Saving Selections 
  • Advanced Selection Techniques
  • Retouching and Blending 
  • Content-Aware FeaturesSession 3
  • Session 3 Fill-in-the-Blanks
  • All About Layers
  • All About Layers Worksheet
  • Working with Layer Comps 
  • Working with Layer Masks 
  • Typography Basics in Photoshop CC
  • Using Type 
  • Working with Type 
  • Using Filters 
  • More Filters
  • Smart Objects
  • Keeping Things in Perspective 
  • Keeping Things in Perspective Worksheet 
  • Using the Pen Tool
  • Drawing
  • Painting 
  • Paint and Brush Tools
  • Custom Brushes
  • Puppet Warp
  • Photoshop CC Actions 
  • Merge to HDR
  • Merge to HDR Worksheet 
  • Web Gallery

Introduction to Photoshop CC PDF

LearnKey’s new Photoshop CC course will introduce students to hundreds of new updates and features in the latest Photoshop update.

Whether you are a graphic designer or a novice photographer you will learn how to edit photographs and images or create logos and marketing pieces.

LearnKey’s Photoshop CC course will teach students what they need to know in order to effectively and easily prepare to test their skills through the ACA Visual Communication Certification exam.  

The exercises in this manual serve as a companion to LearnKey’s training and are organized by session to match the presented concepts. Within each session, exercises are arranged from easiest to most challenging.

In the Introduction section of each session, you will find outlines of the training and sample lesson plans which will give you an overview of the training content and help you to structure your lessons. The following sections are included for each session of training:

Skills Assessment: The skills assessment will help you and your students to gauge their understanding of course topics prior to beginning any coursework.

Each skill listed is tied directly to an exam objective. Understanding where your students feel less confident will aid you in planning and getting the most from the training.

Objective Mapping and Shoot File Links: The objective mapping provides a quick reference as to where in the training a specific certification exam objective is covered. The Files column lists the name of the Course Support files (Excel spreadsheets, Photoshop files, etc.) that are used and demonstrated during the training.

The files will typically have a starting file containing all data necessary to begin the demonstrated skill, as well as a completed file that shows the final result.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips: The keyboard shortcuts and tips provide a reference for product-specific keyboard shortcuts and helpful hints to make working more efficient.

Short Answer and Matching: The short answer questions facilitate recall of the basic training concepts to further aid in the retention of the course topics and information in preparation for the training’s Pre-Assessments, Post Tests, and MasterExam.

The matching exercise provides additional learning reinforcement of terms and concepts found throughout the training in the courses’ glossary.

Projects: The projects in this manual are organized by session to match the concepts presented in the LearnKey training. Each project is assigned a difficulty level of either beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Some projects will be noted as “beginner-intermediate” or other range. Within each session, projects are arranged from easiest to most challenging. Each project includes a description of the task as well as steps required for successful completion.

Note that the steps may not indicate each required action but will provide the expectation of what is required, leaving the action to the student. References to the concepts demonstrated in the LearnKey training that is required for successful completion of the project are also included.

Each project will also indicate the files and software used to complete the tasks. Some projects may only include a file named “ProjectTitle_End.” Projects only including an end file typically begin with a new file which is indicated in the first step.

The “ProjectTitle_End” file is included to illustrate a possible correct result. Other projects may include a file named “ProjectTitle_Start” or other files. Projects with a “ProjectTitle_Start” file begin with that file instead of a new file. “

Start” files typically contain data required for the project pre-inserted to focus the project on concepts versus data entry. 

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