Learning English Vocabulary Digital Edition
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Learning English Vocabulary Digital Edition

Collins Easy Learning English Easy Learning English Vocabulary Digital Edition | PDF Free Download.

Learning English Vocabulary Contents

  • air travel
  • the animal world
  • art and photography
  • bikes
  • boats, water, and the coast
  • body
  • business
  • cars and road travel
  • celebrations and ceremonies
  • clothes
  • college and university
  • colors
  • computers and the internet
  • cooking
  • countryside
  • employment
  • environment
  • feelings and personal qualities
  • food and drink
  • friends and family
  • fruit, nuts, and vegetables
  • health
  • hotels
  • houses and homes
  • in the home
  • industry
  • jobs and careers
  • law
  • materials
  • maths
  • money
  • music
  • the office
  • personal items
  • plants, trees, and gardens
  • reading and writing
  • routines
  • school
  • science
  • shopping
  • society and politics
  • sports
  • telephone, post, and communications
  • television and radio
  • theatre and cinema
  • time
  • tools
  • towns and cities
  • trains
  • weather
  • geographical place names
  • irregular verbs
  • measurements
  • numbers/ordinal numbers
  • people of the world
  • times and dates

Introduction to Learning English Vocabulary PDF

Collins Easy Learning English Vocabulary is designed for anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge of English words in key everyday situations.

Whether you need English at work, at school or university, or for a holiday, Collins Easy Learning English Vocabulary offers you the information you require in a clear and accessible format.

Learning English Vocabulary Digital Edition is divided into 50 subject areas. These cover such topics as ‘air travel’, ‘business’, ‘food and drink’ and ‘science’, arranged in alphabetical order.

This arrangement by subject area helps you to learn related words and phrases together. In this way, you can always be sure of using the right word in the right context.

Within each topic, vocabulary is divided into nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, phrases, and idioms. Each word is defined in relation to the topic in question. For example, in ‘air travel’, the meaning that is given for the word connection is: 

‘a plane that leaves after another one arrives and allows you to continue your journey by changing from one to the other’.

 In ‘computers and the internet’, on the other hand, the connection is defined in terms of its computer-related sense:

‘a link between a computer and a network’.

For each topic, there are plenty of authentic example sentences from the Collins corpus. These show you how words and phrases are used in real English.

At the end of the Learning English Vocabulary Digital Edition, there are additional sections on place names and people, numbers, measurements, times and dates. There is also an alphabetical index and a list of irregular verbs.


Primary and secondary stress is shown by marks above and below the line, in front of the stressed syllable. For example, in the word abbreviation,/ə,briːviˈeɪʃən/, the second syllable has secondary stress and the fourth syllable has primary stress.

We do not normally show pronunciations for compound words (words which are made up of more than one word). Pronunciations for the words that make up the compounds are usually found at their entries in other parts of the dictionary. However, compound words do have stress markers.

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