Fundamentals of Total Quality Management
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Fundamentals of Total Quality Management

Fundamentals of Total Quality Management Process analysis and improvement by Jens J.Dahlgaard, Kai Kristensen, and Gopal K.Kanji | PDF Free Download.

Total Quality Management Contents

  • Part One Fundamentals of Total Quality Management
  • Part Two Methods of Total Quality Management

Preface to Fundamentals of Total Quality Management

The principles of TQM have proven very valuable to individuals, groups of people and organizations and many organizations have now discovered a relationship between quality and profitability.

It has now become important for organizations to develop a quality strategy by adopting the principles of TQM.

In the present changing environment of the business world, it is evident that education will play a vital role in coping with the change process.

There is now a real need to incorporate the principles of TQM in any education and there is an even greater need to educate specialists in this field and to propagate new ideas.

The purpose of this textbook is to provide a framework for the development of understanding of some of the basic aspects of Total Quality Management.

The aim is to provide students with deeper knowledge of various principles and core concepts of Total Quality Management. It will also help them to learn and appreciate the role of measurement, quality strategy and quality systems, etc.

in the development of the Total Quality Management process.

This book will also provide the readers with a basic knowledge and understanding of various aspects of the effective organizational process and quality improvement plans for the development of the required change in the process of management.

We believe that with the help of this book students will be able to use the process specification and analysis tools to create process-oriented organizations.

They will also be able to understand the need to change the management process and required motivation to create a quality organization.

Finally this book is designed to help students towards an understanding of the problemsolving process and the tools to overcome the difficulties created by process development.

It will also give them the know-how of various statistical methods which can be applied to the control and improvement of processes.

This book is divided into three parts but interlinked to each other in order to provide an integrated approach. The three parts of the book, i.e.

Fundamentals of TQM, Methods of TQM and Process Management and Improvement, are linked together in a tree diagram to provide an overall understanding of the subject.

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