Effortless English Learn To Speak English Like A Native
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Effortless English Learn To Speak English Like A Native

Effortless English  Learn To Speak English Like A Native by A. J. Hoge | PDF Free Download.

Author of Effortless English Learn To Speak English Like A Native

A.J. Hoge is the founder and director of Effortless English LLC, and co-founder of Learn Real English and Business English Conversations. He has been described as “the world’s #1 English teacher” and is famous as the host of The Effortless English Show, with over 41,000,000 downloads worldwide.

He has a master’s degree in TESOL and has been teaching English since 1996. A.J. teaches seminars around the world on the topics of English, public speaking, effective training methods, career development, and online marketing.

Effortless English Contents

  • Chapter 1: A Better Way to Learn English
  • Chapter 2: The Problem with Schools
  • Chapter 3: Psychology Is More Important Than Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Chapter 4: Your Beliefs Determine Your English Success
  • Chapter 5: English Is A Physical Sport
  • Chapter 6: Use Big Real-World Goals To Motivate Yourself For Success
  • Chapter 7: Program Your Brain For English Success
  • Chapter 8: Babies Learn Best — The Effortless English™ Engine
  • Chapter 9: The First Rule – Learn Phrases Not Words
  • Chapter 10: The Second Rule: Grammar Study Kills Your English Speaking
  • Chapter 11: The Third Rule: Learn With Your Ears, Not With Your Eyes
  • Chapter 12: The Fourth Rule – Repetition Is The Key To Spoken Mastery
  • Chapter 13: The Fifth Rule: Learn Grammar Intuitively And Unconsciously
  • Chapter 14: The Sixth Rule: Learn Real English And Trash Your Textbooks
  • Chapter 15: The Seventh Rule: Learn English With Compelling Stories
  • Chapter 16: Your Daily English Learning Plan
  • Chapter 17: The Power of Pleasure Reading
  • Chapter 18: The Secret To Good English Writing
  • Chapter 19: Why You Should Not Practice Speaking
  • Chapter 20: English Is The Language Of International Business
  • Chapter 21: How To Give Powerful English Presentations
  • Chapter 22: English Connects You With The World
  • Chapter 23: The Effortless English Code and Mission

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