The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World
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The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World

The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World Mastering the Art of Customer Engagement by Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones | PDF Free Download.

Digital Marketing Campaigns Contents

  • Case study 1 Dockers ‘pants dance’ 
  • Case study 2 The truth about smart 
  • Case study 3 Doritos Hotel 626 
  • Case study 4 Lynx Primal Instinct 
  • Case study 5 Rage Against the Machine for Christmas number one 
  • Case study 6 Pizza Hut iPhone application 
  • Case study 7 The Photographic Adventures of Nick Turpin 
  • Case study 8 TurboTax Super Status 
  • Case study 9 The Spoonful 
  • Case study 10 In an Absolut world 
  • Case study 11 Wario Land ‘Shake It’ YouTube shake-up 
  • Case study 12 WALL-E
  • Case study 13 The Best Job in the World 
  • Case study 14 Star Trek 
  • Case study 15 Shadow Napping 
  • Case study 16 The Odometer 
  • Case study 17 Playing the City 
  • Case study 18 Lost in Space 
  • Case study 19 Online as it happens 
  • Case study 20 The Ephemeral Museum 
  • Case study 21 Pepsi Makes Your Day 
  • Case study 22 12 cams create your rainbow
  • Case study 23 World Malaria Day Twitter war 
  • Case study 24 Break the Cycle 
  • Case study 25 Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign – the 15 swing states

Introduction to The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World

In 2009, our first book, Understanding Digital Marketing (UDM), hit the shelves. Since then it’s been delivering a solid foundation of digital marketing know-how to practitioners around the world and continues to do so.

We learned a lot of valuable lessons during the writing process. Here are just a few. Writing a book is far from easy.

Although we were both very comfortable with the subject matter and had plenty of experience and expertise to draw on, digital marketing refused to sit still. We felt a bit like portrait painters of old must have felt, trying desperately to recreate a reliable likeness of an impossibly restless child.

But when you’re tackling a subject that’s in a constant state of flux you’re prepared for that. What we weren’t prepared for was the ever-present, all-consuming nature of the process.

It grows rapidly to become a roaring juggernaut that pervades every facet of your life, and that refuses to go away until the project is finished.

It was an incredibly challenging, but at the same time very rewarding, experience. UDM was an exciting project for us, and holding a copy of your first book in your hands is a real thrill – but more satisfying perhaps was the privilege of participating in a dynamic shift in thinking.

Businesses around the world were embracing digital marketing and were seeing it deliver on at least some of its boundless promise. People really like examples. That was one of the key themes that emerged as the feedback from the book flooded in.

While UDM offers a comprehensive overview of the digital marketing space and the various opportunities digital presents for brands and businesses, the message from you, our readers, was that you wanted to see more examples of how brands and businesses were using these digital technologies and techniques to engage more effectively with their customers in the real world.

As marketers, you wanted to see more case studies. While finely crafted chapters on web analytics and neatly woven prose explaining search engine optimization offered a necessary and useful foundation of digital marketing knowledge, marketers tend to have a strong interest in seeing how digital campaigns are constructed and how brands are applying the theory in real situations.

Another theme, particularly from those of you in the corporate sector, echoed the call for more case studies but with the emphasis on delivering concrete examples to help ‘sell’ the merits of digital to your board.

UDM helped to dispel some of the mystery and shared a foundation of digital knowledge, but you needed compelling stories of successful digital marketing campaigns that would spur your board into action.

Because digital marketing transcends traditional geographic boundaries, you also highlighted the need for more inclusive examples of digital being used effectively around the world, and not just from English-speaking markets.

This was a sentiment particularly prominent among small advertisers and marketers looking to expand their reach using digital channels. It was also important to try and understand how the ‘digital engagement channels’ differed from market to market.

The mix of channels you use to reach your market effectively in Japan, for example, is likely to be significantly different from the mix of channels you’d choose in Europe.

While you might choose Facebook and Google to reach out to UK consumers, the same campaign could be better suited to mobile social networks in Korea.

While we engaged in this exchange of ideas – online, of course – something else happened that took us a little by surprise, but that was at the same time terribly digital. Marketers started to send us their case studies.

Among them were those who genuinely wanted to share what they had learned from UDM, to show us how they had successfully applied the lessons in the book to achieve digital marketing success for themselves.

It served as a poignant reminder of the power and influence of the printed page in an age of all-consuming digital. Books remain an incredibly compelling and important medium and will do for some time to come.

Faced with all of this input from readers we sat down together in mid-2009 at The Beehive Bar in Connonagh a real Irish pub in the wilds of West Cork – to discuss how we could deliver what you were looking for.

The ultimate outcome of that animated and creative conversation is this book. The 25 case studies that follow are a sample of the best digital marketing campaigns of the past few years.

Naturally, this isn’t an exhaustive list not by long chalk nor is it meant to be. By its very nature, this book was always going to be a subjective exercise.

These are case studies we’ve found and researched over the past year or so, and inevitably the book carries with it an element of bias towards our own particular favorites.

Another thing to bear in mind as you consider the examples that follow, and compare and contrast them with others that aren’t included here, is that some of the case studies we really wanted to share with you simply weren’t available to us.

The agencies or brands concerned were, for reasons of their own, unable or unwilling to share the information we needed.

We also pondered long and hard on whether scoring or ranking the case studies putting them in some sort of order of merit would add value. Eventually, it dawned on us that scoring would be a largely arbitrary exercise.

Instead, we decided to present the campaigns in no particular order and to let you decide which of them you prefer and to suggest favorites of your own on, on Facebook ( understanding digital), on Twitter (@udigital) and through your own websites, blogs, and social media channels.

This book, then, is a starting point. We’re kick-starting a conversation with this selection of digital marketing case studies and examples, whetting our collective appetites and beginning what we hope will be an enduring online conversation from which we can all reap the benefits.

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