201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business 3rd Edition by Applegate
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201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business 3rd Edition by Applegate

Additional Praise for 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business 3rd Edition by Jane Applegate | PDF Free Download.

Author of 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business

Jane Applegate is one of America’s most respected business journalists. She is an award-winning writer and producer.

Her previous books are: Succeeding in Small Business: The 101 Toughest Problems and How to Solve Them, Jane Applegate’s Strategies for Small Business Success, and The Entrepreneur’s Desk Reference.

Applegate is the leading small-business speaker for Bloomberg Television’s Idea Exchange speakers’ program. The Applegate Group Inc., founded in 1991, is a multimedia communications and production company.

TAG produces independent films, documentaries, and promotional videos. In 2009, she produced Much Ado in Mostar, a documentary about a summer theater program for teenagers affected by war. In 2010, she served as the line producer on Brief Reunion, a psychological thriller written and directed by John Daschbach.

A former syndicated columnist for the Los Angeles Times, Applegate also consults with a select group of corporations dedicated to providing better products and services to business owners.

Clients include Cox Communications, Bloomberg LP, and Montecito Bank & Trust. Applegate is happily married to Joe Applegate, an editor who repairs and installs news articles at the Valley News in West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

He also contributes to the feature section and has had three short plays produced. Th ey have two wonderful and talented kids, Jeanne and Evan, who do not live with them in Sharon, Vermont.

201 Great Ideas Contents

  • Management Strategies
  • Money Matters
  • Technology and Telecommunications
  • Develop and Launch New Products and Services 
  • Marketing Strategies
  • People 
  • Time and Personal Management Ideas 
  • Customer Service
  • Going Global
  • Great Ideas and Insights from VIPs

Introduction to 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business 

Why Is It a Good Time to Update 201?

Eight years ago, when I last revised 201 Great Ideas, many business owners were still bruised from the crazy “dot-com” era.

Remember when billions of dollars were wasted on silly or copy-cat online business concepts? Luckily, we’ve figured out how to use the Internet to make connections and money.

I collected most of the new, great ideas for this third edition during a national speaking tour co-sponsored by Bloomberg TV and local cable companies.

The events, hosted by chambers of commerce, provided a wonderful opportunity for me to meet one-on-one with hundreds of business owners. In 2008 and 2009, everyone I met was feeling pummeled by the Great Recession.

Even if you had great credit, it was nearly impossible to borrow money. Millions of people were out of work and millions of homes were in foreclosure or “underwater.” But, as the 2010 holiday season kicked off, the mood was definitely brighter in the small business community.

We started spending money again and feeling more optimistic about the future. Americans, especially small business owners, are extraordinarily resilient. We have the stamina, moxie, and plenty of great ideas to survive the worst of times.

Despite massive national debt, two distant wars, and a trade deficit, America is still the best country to be a small business owner. We have the biggest and strongest economy on the planet. Cash is flowing. Technology, equipment, and real estate are cheap.

Amazing talent abounds. If you lost your business during the downturn, it’s time to get back in the game. This book is guaranteed to revive your entrepreneurial spirit. If this is your first venture, I promise 201 Great Ideas will help you avoid the biggest potholes on the highway to success.

If you read an earlier edition of this book, you’ll notice plenty of new ideas. Although my contract called for revising about 60 ideas, so much has changed in recent years, I updated every idea and included scores of new ones.

This new edition of 201 Great Ideas features great ideas from novice and veteran business owners. Th ere are no theories. Every idea has been tested in a real business. You’ll meet the amazing business owners I met while traveling coast to coast, ranging from Skagway, Alaska, to Portland, Maine.

In Victoria, British Columbia, I visited Smoking Lily, a boutique claiming to be the smallest small business in North America. It occupies 44 square feet of space in a cool, downtown shopping district. T-shirts and scarves hang on the wall.

The young woman who rang up my purchases was perched on a platform about four feet off the ground in a corner of the closet-sized store. Crazy! You’ll meet Kesang Tashi, a wonderful Tibetan entrepreneur who has devoted his life to reviving the art and craft of rug-making back in his homeland.

He employs scores of craftspeople in Tibet, who now make a living by selling their handmade rugs, scarves, jewelry, and religious banners. I met entrepreneurs who work part-time jobs to fund their dreams and people who share retail space to save money and serve similar customers.

Every year, no matter how rocky the economy is, about 500,000 Americans start a new business. We are fortunate to live in a country where you can wake up in the morning and be in business by the end of the day.

Sitting in a café with an Internet connection, you can buy a web site domain, order equipment, and open a bank account.

Then, you can promote what you do or sell via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Need help? Hire some virtual talent via Elance.com.

This book and new 201greatideas.com site is a distribution channel for great ideas. I try to practice what I preach. Unlike many financial journalists, I am a small business owner. I’ve founded three companies.

I started The Applegate Group Inc. when I quit my job at the Los Angeles Times in 1991. Three years later, I started a financial service consulting firm, eventually turning that venture over to my partner. In 2000, with marketing support from CNN.com, we launched SBTV .com (Small Business TV), the first online video site devoted exclusively to small business news and features.

We attracted blue-chip sponsors including Merrill Lynch, IBM, and ING, and produced hundreds of broadcast-quality videos. Aft er predictions of widespread broadband service failed to materialize, we sold the company trademark and assets—in 2003.

My company continues to evolve, reflecting my work as a writer, consultant, speaker, and producer. On the consulting side, I work with a handful of blue-chip corporations, helping them provide better products and services to small business owners.

On the multimedia side, we produce original Web content for American Express’s OPEN Forum.com, Cox Communications, and Montecito Bank. I also write and produce independent films, promotional videos, and videos for 201greatideas.com.

In addition to the scores of real business owners you’ll meet in the following pages, you’ll enjoy insights and advice provided by well-known entrepreneurs including Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s mayor and founder of Bloomberg LP; USA Networks founder Kay Koplovitz; and management expert and author, Tom Peters.

You’ll meet Lynn Tilton, a modern industrialist who is busy acquiring and reviving American manufacturing companies, and Nina McLemore, a dynamic fashion designer with a line of fabulous, classy clothes for professional women.

If you attend any of my speaking events, you’ll probably see me wearing her designs. My search for great ideas doesn’t stop here: if you have a great idea, please submit it via our web site: www.201greatideas.com. We’ll be posting the best ideas and awarding prizes to the winners.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you success on your journey.

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