Industrial Automation IDC Technologies
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Industrial Automation IDC Technologies

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Industrial Automation Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. I&C Drawings and Documentation
  3. Process control
  4. Advanced Process Control
  5. Industrial Data Communications and Wireless
  6. HAZOPs Hazard Operations
  7. Safety Instrumentation and Machinery
  8. Hazardous Areas and Intrinsic Safety
  9. SCADA
  10. Project Management of I&C Projects
  11. Latest Instrumentation and Valve Developments
  12. Forecasts and Predictions

Preface to Industrial Automation PDF

Industrial Automation is a discipline that includes knowledge and expertise from various branches of engineering including electrical, electronics, chemical, mechanical, communications and more recently computer and software engineering.

Automation & Control by its very nature demands a cross fertilization of these faculties. Industrial Automation Engineers have always drawn new technologies and implemented original or enhanced versions to meet their requirements.

As the range of technology diversifies the demand on the innovative ability of these Engineers has increased.

IDC Technologies has been in the business of bringing together the domain gurus and the practicing engineers under an umbrella called training.

The sum of the knowledge that IDC Technologies has acquired over many years has now given it an opportunity to compile this comprehensive hand book for the reference of every automation engineer.

The breadth and depth of Industrial Automation is enormous and justice cannot be expected from a book of a few hundred pages.

This book comprises over 1200 pages of useful, hard hitting information from the trenches on industrial automation.

This book delivers a critical blend of knowledge and skills, covering technology in control and instrumentation, industry analysis and forecasts, leadership and management - everything that is relevant to a modern control and instrumentation engineer.

Good management, financial and business skills are also provided in these chapters. These highly practical materials provide you with solid skills in this often neglected area for control and instrumentation engineers.

This book was originally written for UK and other European users and contains many references to the products and standards in those countries.

We have made an effort to include IEEE/ANSI/NEMA references wherever possible. The general protection approach and theoretical principles are however universally applicable.

The terms ‘earth’ as well as ‘ground’ have both been in general use to describe the common power/signal reference point interchangeably around the world in the Electro-technical terminology.

While the USA and other North American countries favor the use of the term ‘ground’, European countries including the UK and many other Eastern countries prefer the term ‘earth’.

In this book, we chose to adopt the term ‘ground’ to denote the common electrical reference point.

Our sincere apologies to those readers who would have preferred the use of the term ‘earth’.

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