Building Automation and Control Systems
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Building Automation and Control Systems

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Automation and Control Systems Contents

System functions

  • Design the innovative system for the highest efficiency and safety in the building
  • Design system topology
  • System functions for building automation
  • Trend and a history function
  • Event management
  • Schedulers/calendar
  • Access rights
  • Monitoring functions
  • Communication – network

Management functions

  • Design CC
  • Design Insight
  • Informationsmanagement

Automation controls

  • Automation stations
  • Operator units
  • Design TX-I/O

Room automation

  • Design TRA
  • Design RX
  • Room operator units
  • Service unit

Standard controllers – Communicating HVAC controllers – Synco™ 700

  • Software and central communication units

Room automation Synco

  • Communicating controllers - RXL (Bus)
  • Communicating controllers - RXB (KNX)
  • Communicating room thermostats
  • Central control unit RMB
  • Room operator units
  • Damper actuator (KNX)
  •  KNX accessories

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