Automation Systems and Control Components Scalable Consistent and Open
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Automation Systems and Control Components Scalable Consistent and Open

Automation Systems and Control Components Scalable, consistent and open | PDF Free Download.

Automation Contents

  • Expertise in automation technology
  • Automation systems – summary
  • IndraMotion MTX – CNC system for machine tools
  • IndraMotion MLD – drive-based motion logic system
  • IndraMotion MLC – controller-based motion logic system
  • IndraLogic – open PLC systems
  • Control components – summary
  • IndraWorks – engineering framework
  • IndraControl V – human-machine interfaces (HMI) and industrial PCs
  • IndraControl L – controller-based hardware
  • Inline – I/O technology in IP20
  • IndraControl S20 – I/O technology in IP20
  • IndraControl S67 – I/O technology in IP67
  • Fieldline – I/O technology in IP67
  • Interconnection technology – cables and plugs

Preface to Automation Systems and Control Components Scalable Consistent and Open

Discover the unlimited possibilities of Rexroth’s automation systems. They integrate all control and drive components to provide optimum automation solutions: state-of-the-art, ultra-efficient, and highly future-proof.

Based on decades of experience, we developed a state of the art control platform allowing you, as a machine manufacturer, to realize your innovative machine concepts.

The extensive control portfolio opens up completely new perspectives for easy, safe, and economic automation and flexible extension of your system.

We are sure you will find your preferred control solution with Rexroth. On the one hand, we offer complete automation systems and our modern controls cover all automation tasks from a compact PLC to flexible motion control and innovative CNC control.

On the other hand, the performance and function of the drive, controller, or PC-based control systems can be adapted exactly to your individual requirements.

Design your future with the flexibility you need and configure the control solutions exactly how you require them for your applications – with systems, modules, and components from Rexroth. 

IndraWorks now allows you to solve all of your tasks with one single software – from project planning and programming to visualization and diagnostics.

Its innovative feature: IndraWorks is universally available in all of our automation systems as an integrated engineering software you’ll profit from the fast access to all functions and data of the control components and from the increased understandability of your automation solution.

Using the IndraLogic PLC runtime system in all of your automation solutions, you will be able to standardize your application programs in conformance with IEC 61131-3.

With its user-friendly handling, this program system that is fully integrated into IndraWorks facilitates the creation of modularized and object-oriented applications.

The family of open system software combines all components from Rexroth to provide integrated solutions with motion and logic control. Using IndraMotion, you can implement all of your centralized and distributed control designs, customized to your industry-specific requirements.

The scalable control, visualization, and I/O hardware platforms allow easy, flexible, and integrated automation of your applications.

Combined with open communication interfaces, these hardware platforms provide automation solutions that are also sustainable in the future and allow factory automation with any degree of freedom.

The drive integrated safety technology „Safety on Board“ provides reliable personnel protection for all motion applications.

With the IndraDrive family, the “Safety on Board” system, certified according to EN ISO 13849-1, Cat. 3 PL d and EN 62061 SIL 2, provides comprehensive safety functions which you can easily integrate into your applications by simple parameterization.

The 3rd generation series meets all requirements for a future-oriented machine network – open, consistent, and fast. From drives and controls to I/O peripherals, all automation components are easily combined to form an understandable and capable overall system.

With real-time and innovative features, servos the automation bus provides maximum performance and flexibility in all applications.

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