Modern Antenna Design 2nd Edition by Thomas A. Milligan
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Modern Antenna Design 2nd Edition by Thomas A. Milligan

Modern Antenna Design 2nd Edition by Thomas A. Milligan | PDF Free Download.

Modern Antenna Design Contents

  • Properties of Antennas
  • Radiation Structures and Numerical Methods
  • Arrays
  • Aperture Distributions and Array Synthesis
  • Dipoles, Slots, and Loops
  • Microstrip Antennas
  • Horn Antennas
  • Reflector Antennas
  • Lens Antennas
  • Traveling-Wave Antennas
  • Traveling-Wave Antennas
  • Phased Arrays

Preface to Download Modern Antenna Design PDF

I wrote this book from my perspective as a designer in the industry, primarily for other designers and users of antennas. On occasion, I have prepared and taught antenna courses, for which I developed a systematic approach to the subject.

For the last decade, I have edited the “Antenna Designer’s Notebook” column in the IEEE antenna magazine.

This expanded edition adds a combination of my own design notebook and the many other ideas provided to me by others, leading to this collection of ideas that I think designers should know. The book contains a systematic approach to the subject.

Every author would like to be read from front to back, but my own career assignments would have caused me to jump around in this book. Nevertheless, Chapter 1 covers those topics that every user and designer should know.

Because I deal with complete antenna design, which includes mounting the antenna, included are the effects of nearby structures and how they can be used to enhance the response.

We all study ideal antennas floating in free space to help us understand the basics, but the real world is a little different. Instead of drawing single line graphs of common relationships between two parameters, I generated scales for calculations that I perform over and over.

I did not supply a set of computer programs because I seldom use collections supplied by others, and younger engineers find my programs quaint, as each generation learns a different computer language.

You’ll learn by writing your own. IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society’s digital archive of all material published from 1952 to 2000 has changed our approach to research. I have not included extensive bibliographies, because I believe that it is no longer necessary.

The search engine of the archive can supply an exhaustive list. I referred only to papers that I found particularly helpful. Complete sets of the transactions are available in libraries, whereas the wealth of information in the archive from conferences was not.

I have started mining this information, which contains many useful design ideas, and have incorporated some of them in this book. In this field, 40-year-old publications are still useful and we should not reinvent methods.

Many clever ideas from industry are usually published only once if at all, and personally, I’ll be returning to this material again and again because all books have limited space.

As with the first edition, I enjoyed writing this book because I wanted to express my point of view of a rewarding field.

Although the amount of information available is overwhelming and the mathematics describing it can cloud the ideas, I hope my explanations help you develop new products or use old ones.

I would like to thank all the authors who taught me this subject by sharing their ideas, especially those working in the industry.

On a personal note, I thank the designers at Lockheed Martin, who encouraged me and reviewed material while I wrote: in particular, Jeannette McDonnell, Thomas Cencich, Donald Huebner, and Julie Huffman.

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