Basics of Agriculture for Engineers
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Basics of Agriculture for Engineers

Basics of Agriculture for Engineers by R.K. Sharma, A.K.Soni, R. Bhagat, N. Pandey and V.K. Pandey | PDF Free Download.

Preface to Basics of Agriculture for Engineers

Agricultural Engineering is the engineering discipline that applies engineering science and technology to agricultural production and processing.

Agricultural engineering has been accepted as one of the major disciplines which contribute significantly in increasing the productivity of agriculture in the country

By way of increasing efficiency of inputs, conservation of resources and reducing post harvest losses besides value addition of agro-produce.

Basically there are four major specializations in agricultural engineering namely, farm machinery and power engineering, irrigation and drainage engineering soil and water conservation engineering, post harvest process and food engineering.

Agriculture Engineers must have the knowledge of Agriculture to perform the services in the field of research, extension and academics.

The book entitled “Basics of Agriculture for Engineers” is a scientific approach for understanding of the problems concerning soil,

plants, agricultural equipments and their management for augmenting agricultural production on a sustained basis.

The problem encountered may be of varied nature requiring for proper diagnosis and remedial measures.

An attempt has been made to explain the fundamentals in a simple, lucid language. Basic concepts have been emphasized throughout.

This book covers all the topics related to Agronomy, Soil Science and Horticulture.

The authors are highly thankful to all teachers and scientists for their kind cooperation towards speedy preparation of this publication.

Authors are also indebted to all friends and colleagues who have helped them at every stage of the preparation of this book.

Though every care has been taken to avoid any misprint, omission and errors; yet the same might have left in due to oversight.

Authors will, personally thank the person who brings to his notice and shortcoming and the same will be taken care of, for the future edition of this book to make it more useful for the students and readers.

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