Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures 2nd Edition
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Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures 2nd Edition

Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures 2nd Edition by Alan Baker, Stuart Dutton, and Donald Kelly | PDF Free Download.

Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures Contents

  • Introduction and Overview 
  • Basic Principles of Fiber Composite Materials 
  • Fibers for Polymer-Matrix Composites 
  • Polymeric Matrix Materials
  • Component Form and Manufacture 
  • Structural Analysis
  • Mechanical Property Measurement 
  • Properties of Composite Systems
  • Joining of Composite Structures 
  • Repair Technology
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Aircraft Applications and Design Issues 
  • Airworthiness Considerations For Airframe Structures 
  • Three-Dimensionally Reinforced Preforms and Composites
  • Smart Structures
  • Knowledge-Based Engineering, Computer-Aided Design, and Finite Element Analysis

Preface to Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures

This book is a revised and extended edition to the original 1986 book Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures, edited by Brian Hoskin and Alan Baker of the then Aeronautical Research Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia.

In 1997, staff responsible for the AIAA Education Series invited Brian and Alan to produce a sequel, but sadly Brian had passed away some years ago.

However, Alan was still working full-time as Research Leader of Aerospace Composite Structures at the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and actively engaged in the research activities of the Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Composite Structures Limited (CRC-ACS), which had been established in 1991.

This was fortuitous, as Alan was able to call upon the support of a relatively large team of experts working in the CRC-ACS and its member organizations, to undertake the requested revision.

The work on the revised edition began in 1998, as a CRC-ACS education program task led by Alan and supported by the then Director, Dr. Gordon Long.

The task progressed slowly as most of the contributors were heavily committed, however, it continued to be supported by the new CRC-ACS Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Ian Mair. In order to assist Alan in what seemed to be an ever-increasing task, two co-editors joined him: Mr. Stuart Dutton, Deputy CEO of the CRC-ACS, and Prof.

Don Kelly, Professor at the University of New South Wales. Stuart and Don are widely respected in the Australian composites research community for their contributions to the advancement of the design and manufacture of advanced composite structures.

Whilst much has changed in composites technology since the original book was written, some topics (at the level required) have not changed that much, so they are incorporated into this book more or less unchanged.

In particular, the material in the chapter on Structural Analysis by Brian Hoskin has been retained, essentially unchanged. Also, the chapter on Basic Principles, although renamed, is much the same as in the original edition.

The remainder of the book is significantly different from the original, except that some of the figures have been recycled.

There are now 16 chapters and an appendix, which together provide an outstanding overview and, in many areas, a very detailed expos6 of the most important aspects of composite materials for aircraft structures.

Whilst this book has been produced with the support of the CRC-ACS, the efforts of each of the contributors from the CRC-ACS and its members, such as DSTO and Hawker de Havilland, are gratefully acknowledged.

Finally, I wish to congratulate the three co-editors for their commitment to this task over the last few years and their success in completing this valuable textbook.

Foreword to First Edition

Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures, edited by B. C. Hoskin and A. A. Baker is the latest addition to the AIAA Education Series inaugurated in 1984.

The series represents AIAA's response to the need for textbooks and monographs in highly specialized disciplines of aeronautics and astronautics. Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures, just such a case in point, should prove particularly timely because the field has surged in composite applications.

Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures provides a broad introduction to virtually all aspects of the technology of composite materials for aircraft structural applications: the basic theory of fiber reinforcements; material characteristics of the commonly used fibers, resins, and composite systems; components form and manufacture; structural mechanics of composite laminates; composite joints; environmental effects; durability and damage tolerance; nondestructive inspection (NDI) and repair procedures; aircraft applications; and airworthiness considerations.

This text, expanded and updated, has been prepared from notes used in a series of lectures given at the Aeronautical Research Laboratories (ARL), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. All lecturers were officers in either the Structures or Aircraft Materials Divisions of ARL.

The table of contents gives the names of the lecturers, together with their topics. The lectures originated with a request to ARL from the Australian Department of Aviation' s Airworthiness Branch.

The Director of the Aeronautical Research Laboratories, Department of Defense, Australia, has authorized publication of the expanded and updated text by AIAA.

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