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Welding Engineering an Introduction by David H. Phillips
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Welding Engineering an Introduction by David H. Phillips


The Welding Engineering program at The Ohio State University is well known for its long history of graduating students who serve critical roles in industry. This textbook was written for use in an undergraduate course in Welding Engineering that I have taught at Ohio State for the past 6 years.

The course serves as an introduction to the Welding Engineering curriculum at Ohio State, and is intended to prepare students for more in‐depth courses in welding processes, metallurgy, and design, which are required courses they take during their junior and senior years. Much of what is included in this book comes from my class lectures.

Since both the course and this book represent “An Introduction” to all of the important topics associated with the field of Welding Engineering, the coverage of each of the topics is intended to be relatively brief and concise. Fundamentals and basic concepts are emphasized, while many of the details are intentionally omitted. So while it is not intended to serve as a handbook, recommended reading for further information and greater detail is provided at the end of each chapter.

Although the book is aimed at Welding Engineering students, it should also serve as a useful guide to other engineers, technicians, and specialists who are working in the field of welding, and are seeking a more fundamental understanding of the important concepts.

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