Transformer Handbook
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Transformer Handbook


In almost every place where peopla ive and work you will find at least one transformer. But as long as t keeps working and supplying power to the escalator in the department store, the hotel lift, the office computer, the ovwen in the local bakery, the farm machinery or the petrochemical plan nobody gives it a second thought However, transformers are one of the most important units in every production process. Without them the core activities of nearty every business and factory would come to a standsall- wih serious fnancial consequences. Ater more than 100 years in the development and manufacture of transfomers, ABB Transfomers are wel aware of this dependence. This & why we never compromise on the performanoe security, quality or reliablny of our products, nor on design, materials, manufacturing methods, environmental protection or recycling. All over the world, in underground ralways, in amusement parks and in every kind of factory you wil find ABB transformers at work.

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ABB is a loader in power and automation technologies that enable uality and Industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countrics and employs around 115,000 people (2004) ABB Power Technologies serves electric, gas and water utlities as well as industrial and commercial oustomers, with a broad range af products, systems and services for power transmission, distribution and automation. ABB Automation Technologies biends a robust product and service portfolio with and-user axpertise and global presence to deliver solutions for control, motion, protection, and plant integration across the fuil range of prooess and ualty industries As a business-to-business suppler ABB knows that value creation grows out of close relaionships with customers. That means the better we know our customers business chalenges, the better we can serve them. We strengthen our relasonships by buiding trust as a socially responsble supplier of environmentaly sound products and services.

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ABB Power Technologies Business Unit Transformers

ABB is among the worlds leading suppliers of transformers offering a f range af products (liquidldrytested according to and fulfiling spedfied requirements in all widely applied standards such as IEC, CENELEC, ANSVIEEE as well as local standards ABB Transformers has almost 60 production facines around the world with 13 000 emplayees All of this means that with ABB Transformers you have access to a world-wide network of factories and faciities serving you locally with the most up to date technologies, providing the highest quality for standard and specality products as well as solutions. Our warranty provides ABB quality service and support Our production facilties are ISO 9001/14001 cerafied ABB Transformers objective is to support you and to add value to your activities with a low total cost of ownership. highest qualty for standard and speciality products as wol as soluions. Our warranty united ABB qualty, service and suppart. Our production facilities are ISO 9001/14001 ABB Distribution Transformers objective is to support you and to add value to your activities with a low total cost of awnership.

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