Satellite Communications Systems Engineering second Edition by Louis J. Ippolito
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Satellite Communications Systems Engineering second Edition by Louis J. Ippolito

This second edition of Satellite Communications Systems Engineering – Atmospheric Effects, Satellite Link Design, and System Performance is written for those concerned with the design and performance of satellite communications systems employed in fixed point to point, broadcasting, mobile, radio navigation, data relay, computer communications, and related satellite-based applications.

The rapid growth in satellite communications has created a continued need for accurate information on both satellite communications systems engineering and the impact of atmospheric effects on satellite link design and system performance. This second edition addresses that need for the first time in a single comprehensive source. One of the major advancements since the publication of the first book has been the move to higher frequencies of operation and higher capacity satellite networks, and this second edition includes all of the important elements of this evolution.

New topic areas covered in this second edition include broadband and high throughput satellites (HTS), interference mitigation in satellite communications, electronic propulsion satellites, frequency management for satellite communications, added emphasis on the new higher frequency bands – Ka-band, Q/V/W-bands, and the role of satellite networks in the 5G environment. The book highlights the significant progress that has been made in the understanding and modeling of propagation effects on radiowave propagation in the bands utilized for satellite communications.

This second edition continues and updates, in a single source, the comprehensive description and analysis of all of the atmospheric effects of concern for today’s satellite systems and the tools necessary to design the links and evaluate system performance. Many of the tools and calculations are provided in a “handbook” form, with step-by-step procedures and all necessary algorithms in one place to allow direct calculations without the need to consult other material.

All of the procedures and prediction models, particularly those provided by the International Telecommunications Union Radio Communications Sector (ITU-R), have been fully upgraded to their latest published versions, and several new models and predictions have been added. The book provides the latest information on communications satellite link design and performance from the practicing engineer perspective – concise descriptions, specific procedures, and comprehensive solutions. We focus on the satellite free-space link as the primary element in the design and performance for satellite communications.

This focus recognizes and includes the importance of free-space considerations such as atmospheric effects, frequency of operation and adaptive mitigation techniques. The reader can enter the book from at least three perspectives;  Unlike many other books on satellite communications, this book does not bog down the reader in specialized, regional technologies and hardware dependent developments that have limited general interest and a short lifetime.

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