Robotics Automation and Control in Industrial and Service Settings
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Robotics Automation and Control in Industrial and Service Settings

Robotics, Automation, and Control in Industrial and Service Settings by Zongwei Luo | PDF Free Download.

Robotics Automation and Control Contents

  • Assistive Intelligent Humanoid Robot in Human Environment
  • Cooperative Robots
  • Mobile Robot Path Planning using Voronoi Diagram and Fast Marching
  • Interactive and Collaborative Virus-Evolutionary CNC Machining Optimization Environment
  • Simulation of Manufacturing Processes via Virtual Reality
  • Conceptual Process for Designing High-Technology Products: Case Study of a Litter-Collecting Robot
  • Investigation of Optimum Conformations and Structure Analysis of RL and LR Nests using Ramachandran Plot 
  • Strategic Role of Information and Information Technology in Shop Floor Control in Footwear Industry Sector
  • A Gamification Mechanism for Advertising in Mobile Clou
  • Robotic Transformation and it's Business Applications in Food Industry

Preface to Robotics Automation and Control in Industrial and Service Settings

Robotics, as one of the representative intelligent technologies, is expected with significant demand not only to help address the labor cost rising and labor management problems, but also to provide humanlike services and capabilities.

Fast development in artificial intelligence and natural language processing has made robotics systems to interact with human with more friendly and natural interfaces.

These user friendly and natural interfaces are especially valuable for robotics systems as expected pervasive adoption of service robotics in health-care and other human intensively-present environment would lead to humanoid robotics that are demanding more on human like interactions.

Traditional industrial robotics has less weight on Human Machine Interaction (HMI) as automation, precision, and dexterity is what is necessary.

The recent industry trend of mass customization throughout whole manufacturing chains has led to attention of human intervention and relationship management in deriving agile and flexible manufacturing assembly lines.

Meanwhile, robotics focused on service delivery will have to demand more on HMI performance. Typical interfaces include device interfaces like keyboards, joysticks, mouses, and touch screens, providing basic means for humans to interact with a robot.

Natural language interface has become a very attractive means to allow humans to interact with a robot, thanks to fast advances of voice recognition and natural language processing technologies.

Virtual reality enabled interactive technologies and motion capturing interface like MS Kinect are another means and have been becoming popular.

In enabling human like interactions, Internet of Things and Big Data Computing (IoT/Big Data) present promising ways for developing devices that sensing human and environment, and develop analytic algorithms and systems to identify and discover human motion and human affection.

Cognitive service systems with human reasoning capabilities are one way towards this direction of development.

While research in cognitive systems generally focuses on cognitive phenomena such as perception, attention, anticipation, planning, learning, and reasoning, it is more attractive to develop cognitive service systems based on IoT and Big Data Computing to explore new paradigms, methodologies and algorithms to develop intelligent service systems and applications.

Vision for robotics, automation and control in industrial and service settings has been driven by fast advances in information technology (e.g. RFID, sensor, Internet of Things and Cloud).

A smarter world ision supported by ubiquitous interconnection and intelligence has generated considerable interest and demand for the next generation of robotics, automation and control technologies and their applications towards enabling smart manufacturing and human centric services.

This book would provide a forum of innovative findingsin advanced robotics, automation and control research and development.

It aimsto promote an international knowledge exchange community involving a multidisciplinary participation from researchers, practitioners, and academics with insight addressing issuesin real life problemstowardssmarter manufacturing and human centric services.

By disseminating latest developments in robotics, automation, control innovation and transformation upon current and/or emerging technology opportunities andmarketimperatives,this book covers both theoretical perspectives and practical approachesforsmart manufacturing and human-centric service research and development.

The target audiencewouldincludemultidisciplinaryparticipantsfromsociety,industry, academia, and government. The book would be suitable as a good reference book for college students and professors. 

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