Quantity Surveying and Construction Assessment of Professional Competence
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Quantity Surveying and Construction Assessment of Professional Competence

Quantity Surveying and Construction Assessment of Professional Competence | PDF Free Download.

Quantity Surveying and Construction Contents

Pathway requirements

  • Quantity surveying and construction APC

Competency guidance

  • Capital allowances (T008)
  • Commercial management of construction (T010)
  • Conflict avoidance, management and dispute resolution procedures (M006) 
  • Construction technology and environmental services (T013
  • Contract administration (T016)
  • Contract practice (T017) 
  • Corporate recovery and insolvency (T020) 
  • Design economics and cost planning (T022) 
  • Due diligence (T025) 
  • Healthy and safety (M008) 
  • Insurance (T045) 
  • Procurement and tendering (T062) 
  • Programming and planning (T063)
  • Project evaluation (T066)
  • Project financial control and reporting (T067) 
  • Quantification and costing of construction works (T074)
  • Risk management (T077)
  • Sustainability (M009)

Supplemental guidance

  • Profile of a newly qualified chartered quantity surveyor
  • Selecting optional competencies
  • Study checklist

Introduction to Quantity Surveying and Construction Assessment of Professional Competence

The APC aims to assess that you are competent to carry out the work of a qualified chartered surveyor. To be competent is to have the skill or ability to perform a task or function.

 The RICS competencies are not just a list of tasks or functions, they are also based upon attitudes and behaviors. The competencies have been drawn up in a generic way so that they can be applied to different areas of practice and geographical locations. 

This guide is designed to help you interpret these competencies within the context of quantity surveying and construction. 

The competencies are defined at three levels of attainment and each APC pathway has its own specific combination of competencies that you must achieve at the appropriate level. 

You must reach the required level in a logical progression and in successive stages: 

Level 1 – knowledge and understanding 

Level 2 – application of knowledge and understanding

Level 3 – reasoned advice and depth of technical knowledge

The competencies are in three distinct categories:

Mandatory competencies the personal, interpersonal, professional practice, and business competencies common to all pathways and compulsory for all candidates. 

These are explained in more detail in the APC Requirements and competencies guide – February 2012.

Core competencies the primary competencies of your chosen APC pathway

Optional competencies a set of competencies selected by the candidate from a list defined for the particular pathway. In most cases there is an element of choice.

 These are mostly technical competencies, but certain mandatory competencies also appear on the optional competency list and candidates are permitted to select one of these at a higher level.

It is important that you give careful thought to your choice and combination of competencies. Your choice will inevitably reflect the work you do in your day-to-day environment (driven by the needs of your clients/employer).

 Your choice and combination of competencies will be a reflection of your judgment. At the final assessment interview, the assessors will take these choices into account.

They will expect you to present a sensible and realistic choice that reflects the skills needed to fulfill the role of a surveyor in your field of practice. 

This guide should help candidates and employers with a degree of assistance in choosing the competencies that are most appropriate to their area of practice.

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