DIY Solar Projects Updated Edition Small Projects to Whole Home Systems
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DIY Solar Projects Updated Edition Small Projects to Whole Home Systems

Solar Projects Updated Edition Small Projects to Whole Home Systems: Tap Into The Sun by Eric Smith and Philip Schmidt with Troy Wanek | PDF Free Download.

DIY Solar Projects Contents

  • Introduction 
  • Wherever the Sun Shines 

Solar Electricity 

  • How Sunlight Becomes Electricity 
  • Solar Power Basics
  • Mounting Solar Modules
  • Solar Electricity Safety 
  • Installing Simple DC Systems 
  • 12-Volt Solar Light System
  • Solar-Powered Security Light 
  • Planning for Whole-House Power 
  • Mobile Solar: RVs, Boats & Portable Power 

Solar Heat 

  • Solar Ovens
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Hot Air Collector—Window Mount 
  • Solar Hot Air Collector—Roof Mount 
  • Solar Still 
  • Solar Lumber Kiln 
  • Glossary 
  • Resources
  • Photo Credits
  • Conversions
  • Index

Introduction to DIY Small Solar Projects Whole Home Systems

It’s difficult to overstate the value of solar energy on Earth. The sun is by far the most plentiful, accessible, and reliable source of renewable energy or energy period.

It provides more power in the forms of heat and light (and with light, electricity) than we could ever use. And not only is solar energy infinitely abundant, but it’s also absolutely free and available to everyone.

You don’t have to dig for it, and you can’t own it, dam it, go to war over it, charge for it, or turn it off. So why haven’t we done more with solar energy? That’s a very good question, especially when you consider how easy it can be to harness the sun’s power.

You do it every day, in fact. Opening the shades on a winter morning to let sunlight into a room captures solar radiation. The same effect helps to dry clothes on a clothesline.

It’s not just warmed air that heats the room or dries the clothes; the sunlight itself contains heat energy that warms anything it touches.

That’s how the sun can heat the interior of your home (which works like a greenhouse) when it’s well below zero outside.

The same principle makes all solar heating possible and is the basis of many solar-powered devices from solar ovens and water purifiers to lumber kilns and water heating systems.

All of these make great DIY projects that not only teach you about solar energy; they’ll actually save you some money and reduce your use of non-renewable fuels.

And all you have to do is let in the sun. The other primary application of solar energy is, of course, electricity.

While not as simple as capturing solar heat, turning sunlight into usable power has become as easy as choosing a plug-and-play system and setting it up wherever the sun is shining.

Solar power equipment has entered a new age of availability and affordability, and you can now buy solar panels, batteries, and other essentials online from the same places you might order books or razor refills (they might even ship in the same package!).

Granted, powering a household with solar electricity isn’t something you can accomplish in a weekend (or without professional help)

But learning the basics of photovoltaics (PV) gives you an understanding of solar electric systems of all types and sizes, from battery trickle chargers to RV and boat power to large home systems that can roll back your utility meter or free you from the power grid entirely.

This Small Solar Projects Whole Home Systems PDF Book provides a quick and easy education on the science behind solar heat and electricity, teaching you just what you need to know to get started on your own solar projects…and that’s where the fun starts.

You’ll learn how to build your own equipment for cooking food, heating your house, heating and purifying water, and even drying lumber with the sun.

On the electrical side of things, you’ll learn all about small, DIY-friendly off-grid systems as well as how to plan for large-scale home installations.

For power on the go, there’s help with choosing systems and components for RVs, boats, and other mobile applications. No matter which projects you choose, the sun will be waiting to bring it to life.

Wherever the Sun Shines

You may have heard something like this before: every hour, the sun delivers enough energy to the earth to meet global energy demands for an entire year.

This gives you a general sense of the enormity of solar potential, but it might help to consider the same idea on a more human scale: a single square meter of direct sunlight provides 1,000 watts of energy.

Capturing that same amount of light in a solar panel can produce about 170 watts of usable electricity enough to power over a dozen energy-efficient light bulbs or even a big-screen TV.

A homemade solar cooker can use a meter of light to boil a pot of water in a few minutes, and a simple hot air collector can employ it to heat a small room or warm up a garage.

As these simple examples demonstrate, solar systems don’t have to be big or expensive to be effective, and you can accomplish a lot of different things with a small amount of sunlight.

Here’s a look at just a few of the many practical and doable ways to put your own patch of sunlight to work, whether you’re in the house, out in the backyard, deep in the woods, or on the road.

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