Future Satellite Gravimetry and Earth Dynamics
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Future Satellite Gravimetry and Earth Dynamics

Future Satellite Gravimetry and Earth Dynamics by Jakob Flury and Reiner Rummel | PDF Free Download.

Future Satellite Contents

  • Geoid and Gravity in Earth Sciences – An Overview
  • Challenges from Solid Earth Dynamics for Satellite Gravity Field Missions in the Post-GOCE Era
  • Time Variation in Hydrology and Gravity
  • Future Gravity Missions and Quasi-Steady Ocean Circulation 
  • Future Benefits of Time-Varying Gravity Missions to Ocean Circulation Studies
  • Benefits to Studies of Global Sea Level Changes from Future Space Gravity Missions
  • Gravity and Topography of Moon and Planets
  • Science Requirements on Future Missions and Simulated Mission Scenarios
  • Impact of Limitations in Geophysical Background Models on Follow-On Gravity Missions

Preface to Future Satellite Gravimetry and Earth Dynamics

In 2003, Astrium Space Industries carried out for ESA a study on the future needs for dedicated satellite gravity missions. (ESA contract no 396 2/01/NL/ GS).

The title of this study was ‘‘Enabling Observation Techniques for Future Solid Earth Missions’’. The technological part of the study was based on a thorough assessment of the future needs in Earth sciences for more precise and refined gravity models.

For this purpose, a workshop was organized from 30 January to 1 February 2003 at the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) in Bern/Switzerland where a group of Earth scientists exchanged their ideas with the objective given above.

This collection of articles is based on the outcomes of this workshop. All articles underwent a review process according to general scientific standards.

The support of ESA and of ISSI is gratefully acknowledged. We also thank Springer s Astronomy and Astrophysics department for the pleasant cooperation during the preparation of this volume.

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