Big Data Analytics for Satellite Image Processing and Remote Sensing
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Big Data Analytics for Satellite Image Processing and Remote Sensing

Big Data Analytics for Satellite Image Processing and Remote Sensing by P. Swarnalatha and Prabu Sevugan | PDF Free Download.

Foreword to Big Data Analytics for Satellite Image Processing and Remote Sensing

When I was invited to write a foreword for the book Big Data Analytics for Satellite Image Processing and Remote Sensing, I felt glad to note the varied tools, challenges, methods in Bigdata for Satellite Image processing.

This book is a significant collection of 10 chapters covering image processing, satellite image processing, big data, and cloud-based processing, as well as their applications in emerged in recent decades.

This book provides an excellent platform to review various areas of Satellite Image processing and affords for the needs of both beginners to the field and seasoned researchers and practitioners.

The tremendous growth of Satellite Image Processing and Bigdata are documented in this book, such as Bigdata, Satellite Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Computational methods, 3D Asset development, and product development, Landslide susceptibility, Hierarchical clustering, Modified Support Vector Machine, big data as a Service and Cloud-Based Workflow Scheduling techniques which are focused in various applications.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first attempt of its kind, providing coverage of the key subjects in the fields Bigdata, Satellite Image Processing, and Cloud Computing and applications.

This book is an invaluable, topical, and timely source of knowledge in the field, which serves nicely as a major textbook for several courses at both undergraduate, postgraduate levels and scholars. It is also a key reference for scientists, professionals, and academicians, who are interested in new challenges, theories, and practices of the specific areas mentioned above.

I am happy to commend the editors and authors on their accomplishment and to inform the readers that they are looking at a major piece in the development of computational intelligence on organizational decision making.

I am familiar with your research interests and expertise in the related research areas Big Data as a Service, Big Data Industry Standards, Experiences with Big Data Project Deployments. New Computational Models for image remote sensing and Big Data which would make an excellent addition to this publication.

This book is the main step in this field’s maturation and will serve to challenge the academic, research and scientific community in various significant ways.

Preface to Big Data Analytics for Satellite Image

As we have entered an era of high-resolution earth observation, the Remote Sensing data are undergoing explosive growth. The proliferation of data also gives rise to the increasing complexity of remotely sensed data, like the diversity and higher dimensionality characteristic of the data.

This book aims to discuss and address the difficulties and challenges faced in handling big data and remotely sensed data applied in various applications.

The editors have received chapters that address different aspects of using big data upon satellite image processing and related topics. Additionally, the book also explored the impact of such methodologies on the applications in which this advanced technology is being implemented.

This comprehensive and timely publication aims to be an essential reference source. This book helps the researchers who are working on satellite image processing with the available literature in the field of big data upon image processing techniques on remote sensing while providing for further research opportunities in this dynamic field.

It is hoped that this text will provide the resources necessary technology to the developers and managers to adopt and implement these techniques, platforms, and approaches in developing efficient solutions.


Big data is an evolving term that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for meaningful information. The scope of image processing and recognition has broadened due to the gap in scientific visualization.

Thus, new imaging techniques have developed, and it is imperative to study this progression for optimal utilization. The data received from remote sensing satellites in various forms has been used to study various applications in the real-world by applying big data analytics.

Big Data Analytics for Satellite Image Processing and Remote Sensing is a critical scholarly resource that examines the challenges and difficulties of implementing big data in image processing for remote sensing and related areas.

Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics, such as distributed computing, parallel processing, and spatial data, this book is geared towards scientists, professionals, researchers, and academicians seeking current research on the use of big data analytics in satellite image processing and remote sensing

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