SEO Made Simple Wordtrackers Free SEO Guide by Mark Nunney
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SEO Made Simple Wordtrackers Free SEO Guide by Mark Nunney

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of maximizing a website’s ‘organic’ (non-paid) visits and sales from search engines. There are two forces that make SEO crucial to your business in today’s economic climate: 1) More consumers and businesses are researching and making purchases via search engines.

It’s now impossible to ignore online sales. 2) Challenging economic conditions make it important to find new and cost effective ways of marketing and selling. Right now, these forces combine to make SEO a unique opportunity for you and your business. SEO Made Simple will introduce you to search engines and how to get the most visits and profit from them.

In this guide, which is a summary of the detailed principles and processes given in the 329 pages of my new book, SEO for Profit, you’ll learn the basics of SEO including how to find the right keywords using the Wordtracker Keywords tool and how to test their value using PPC (pay per click) advertising. You’ll learn all about keyword niches, so you can get enough results to make a profit.

I’ll show you how to categorize and plan your website’s structure, and importantly, create quality content that people will want to link to and share. SEO requires links from other websites and (with some help from Wordtracker Link Builder) SEO Made Simple will explain how to find and organize your link prospects into 10 link building strategies: from targeting bloggers to social media sites.

You’ll also discover how to promote your link-worthy content to those prospects. Once your site has non-paid visits from search engines you can confidently increase your SEO efforts. This is because you will know which keywords bring your site the best response rates and what your site can beat the competition for. With SEO Made Simple you will learn how to use Wordtracker Strategizer to find and prioritize these most profitable keywords.

You’ll learn how to use a range of data including your site’s ranking on Google’s results pages to plan your SEO. SEO Made Simple is a no-nonsense overview of how to make SEO profitable. PS, Throughout this free book and SEO for Profit, I’ll show you how to use tools (including Wordtracker’s) to save time and improve your SEO. Wherever possible, I’ll give a more manual method but all the tools are either free or available on free trial (there are links throughout to sign-up pages). So it won’t cost you anything to discover why they are worth their small monthly cost.

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