Learn Python 3 the Hard Way by Shaw
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Learn Python 3 the Hard Way by Shaw

Learn Python 3 the Hard Way A Very Simple Introduction to the Terrifyingly Beautiful World of Computers and Code by Zed A. Shaw | PDF Free Download.

Python 3 Contents

  • Exercise 0 The Setup 
  • Exercise 1 A Good First Program 
  • Exercise 2 Comments and Pound Characters
  • Exercise 3 Numbers and Math 
  • Exercise 4 Variables and Names 
  • Exercise 5 More Variables and Printing 
  • Exercise 6 Strings and Text 
  • Exercise 7 More Printing
  • Exercise 8 Printing, Printing 
  • Exercise 9 Printing, Printing, Printing
  • Exercise 10 What Was That? 
  • Exercise 11 Asking Questions 
  • Exercise 12 Prompting People 
  • Exercise 13 Parameters, Unpacking, Variables 
  • Exercise 14 Prompting and Passing 
  • Exercise 15 Reading Files 
  • Exercise 16 Reading and Writing Files
  • Exercise 17 More Files 
  • Exercise 18 Names, Variables, Code, Functions 
  • Exercise 19 Functions and Variables
  • Exercise 20 Functions and Files 
  • Exercise 21 Functions Can Return Something
  • Exercise 22 What Do You Know So Far?
  • Exercise 23 Strings, Bytes, and Character Encodings 
  • Exercise 25 Even More Practice 
  • Exercise 26 Congratulations, Take a Test! 
  • Exercise 27 Memorizing Logic
  • Exercise 28 Boolean Practice
  • Exercise 29 What-If
  • Exercise 30 Else and If
  • Exercise 31 Making Decisions 
  • Exercise 32 Loops and Lists
  • Exercise 33 While Loops 
  • Exercise 34 Accessing Elements of Lists
  • Exercise 35 Branches and Functions 
  • Exercise 36 Designing and Debugging 
  • Exercise 37 Symbol Review 
  • Exercise 38 Doing Things to Lists
  • Exercise 39 Dictionaries, Oh Lovely Dictionaries 
  • Exercise 40 Modules, Classes, and Objects 
  • Exercise 41 Learning to Speak Object-Oriented 
  • Exercise 42 Is-A, Has-A, Objects, and Classes 
  • Exercise 43 Basic Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 
  • Exercise 44 Inheritance versus Composition 
  • Exercise 45 You Make a Game 
  • Exercise 46 A Project Skeleton
  • Exercise 47 Automated Testing
  • Exercise 48 Advanced User Input 
  • Exercise 49 Making Sentences 
  • Exercise 50 Your First Website 
  • Exercise 51 Getting Input from a Browser
  • Exercise 52 The Start of Your Web Game

Preface to Learn Python 3 the Hard Way PDF

This simple book is meant to get you started in programming. The title says it’s the hard way to learn to write code, but it’s actually not. It’s only the “hard” way because it uses a technique called instruction.

Instruction is where I tell you to do a sequence of controlled exercises designed to build skills through repetition. This technique works very well with beginners who know nothing and need to acquire basic skills before they can understand more complex topics.

It’s used in everything from martial arts to music to even basic math and reading skills. This book instructs you in Python by slowly building and establishing skills through techniques such as practice and memorization, then applying them to increasingly difficult problems.

By the end of the book, you will have the tools needed to begin learning more complex programming topics.

I like to tell people that my book gives you your “programming black belt.” What this means is that you know the basics well enough to now start learning to program.

If you work hard, take your time, and build these skills, you will learn to code

Improvements in the Python 3 Edition

Learn Python 3 the Hard Way now uses Python 3.6. I’ve standardized on this version of Python because it has a new, improved string formatting system that is easier to use than the previous 4 (or 3, I forget, there were many) versions.

There are a few problems with Python 3.6 for beginners, but I help you navigate these issues in the book. A particularly hairy problem is that Python 3.6 has very poor error messages in some key areas that I help you understand.

I have also improved the videos based on my experiences over the last five years teaching people Python. You can watch these videos online at informit.com/title/9780134692883. In the past the videos simply let you watch me do the exercise.

The Python 3 edition videos also show you how to break—and then fix—every exercise. This skill is called “debugging.” It teaches you how to fix problems you run into but also how Python runs the programs you’re creating.

The goal of this new methodology is to build a mental model of how Python runs your code so you can more easily figure out why it’s broken.

You’ll also learn many useful tricks for debugging broken software. Last, the Python 3 edition fully supports Microsoft Windows 10 from beginning to end.

The previous edition focused mostly on the Unix-style systems such as macOS and Linux, with Windows being more of an afterthought.

At the time I started writing the Python 3 edition Microsoft had started to take open-source tools and developers seriously, and it was difficult to ignore them as a serious Python development platform.

The videos feature Microsoft Windows using Python in various scenarios and also show macOS and Linux for full compatibility.

I tell you about any gotchas on each platform, cover installation instructions, and provide any other tips I can give you. 

Download Learn Python 3 the Hard Way by Shaw in PDF Format For Free.