Electric Power Distribution System Engineering Second Edition by Turan Gonen
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Electric Power Distribution System Engineering Second Edition by Turan Gonen

Today, there are many excellent textbooks dealing with topics in power systems. Some of them are considered to be classics. However, they do not particularly address, nor concentrate on, topics dealing with electric power distribution engineering. Presently, to the author's knowledge, the only book available in electric power systems literature that is totally devoted to power distribution engineering is the one by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation entitled Electric Utility Engineering Reference Book-Distribution Systems. However, as the title suggests, it is an excellent reference book but unfortunately not a textbook.

Therefore the intention here is to fill the vacuum, at least partially, that has existed so long in power system engineering literature. This book has evolved from the content of courses given by the author at the University of Missouri at Columbia, the University of Oklahoma, and Florida International University. It has been written for senior-level undergraduate and beginning-level graduate students, as well as practicing engineers in the electric power utility industry.

It can serve as a text for a two-semester course, or by a judicious selection the material in the text can also be condensed to suit a single-semester course. Most of the material presented in this book was included in the author's book entitled Electric Power Distribution System Engineering which was published by McGraw-Hili previously. The book includes topics on distribution system planning, load characteristics, application of distribution transformers, design of subtransmission lines, distribution substations, primary systems, and secondary systems; voltage-drop and power-loss calculations; application of capacitors; harmonics on distribution systems; voltage regulation; and distribution system protection; reliability and electric power quality.

It includes numerous new topics, examples, problems, as well as MATLAB® applications. This book has been particularly written for students or practicing engineers who may want to teach themselves. Each new term is clearly defined when it is first introduced; also a glossary has been provided. Basic material has been explained carefully and in detail with numerous examples. Special features of the book include ample numerical examples and problems designed to use the information presented in each chapter. A special effort has been made to familiarize the reader with the vocabulary and symbols used by the industry. The addition of the appendixes and other back matter makes the text self-sufficient. 

Thran Gonen is professor of electrical engineering at California State University, Sacramento. He holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Istanbul Technical College (1964 and 1966, respectively), and a PhD in electrical engineering from Iowa State University (1975). Dr. Gonen also received an MS in industrial engineering (1973) and a PhD co-major in industrial engineering (1978) from Iowa State University, and an MBA from the University of Oklahoma (1980). Professor Gonen is the director of the Electrical Power Educational Institute at California State University, Sacramento.

Previously, Dr. Gonen was professor of electrical engineering and director of the Energy Systems and Resources Program at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Professor Gonen also held teaching positions at the University of Missouri-Rolla, the University of Oklahoma, Iowa State University, Florida International University and Ankara Technical College. He has taught electrical electric power engineering for over 31 years.

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