Electric Power System Basics For the Nonelectrical Professionals by Steven W. Blume
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Electric Power System Basics For the Nonelectrical Professionals by Steven W. Blume


This book is intended to give nonelectrical professionals a fundamental understanding of large, interconnected electrical power systems with regard to terminology, electrical concepts, design considerations, construction practices, industry standards, control room operations for both normal and emergency conditions, maintenance, consumption, telecommunications, and safety. Several practical examples, photographs, drawings, and illustrations are provided to help the reader gain a fundamental understanding of electric power systems.

The goal of this book is to have the nonelectrical professional come away with an in-depth understanding of how power systems work, from electrical generation to household wiring and consumption by connected appliances. This book starts with terminology and basic electrical concepts used in the industry, then progresses through generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power.

The reader is exposed to all the important aspects of an interconnected power system. Other topics discussed include energy management, conservation of electrical energy, consumption characteristics, and regulatory aspects to help readers understand modern electric power systems in order to effectively communicate with seasoned engineers, equipment manufacturers, field personnel, regulatory officials, lobbyists, politicians, lawyers, and others working in the electrical industry.

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I would personally like to thank several people who have contributed to the success of my career and the success of this book. To my wife Maureen, who has been supporting me for more than 40 years, thank you for your guidance, understanding, encouragement, and so much more. Thank you Michele Wynne; your enthusiasm, organizational skills, and creative ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thank you Bill Ackerman; you are a great go-to person for technical answers and courseware development and you always display professionalism and responsibility. Thank you John McDonald; your encouragement, vision, and recognition are greatly appreciated.

A brief overview of each chapter is presented here because knowing where and when to expect specific topics and knowing how the information is organized in this book will help the reader comprehend the material easier. The language used reflects actual industry terminology. Chapter 1 provides a brief yet informative discussion of the history that led to the power systems we know today.

Then a system overview diagram with a brief discussion of the major divisions within an electric power system is provided. Basic definitions and common terminology are discussed such as voltage, current, power, and energy. Fundamental concepts such as direct and alternating current (i.e., dc and ac), single-phase and three-phase generation, types of loads, and power system efficiency are discussed in order to set the stage for more advanced learning.

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