Condition Assessment of High Voltage Insulation in Power System Equipment
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Condition Assessment of High Voltage Insulation in Power System Equipment

Condition Assessment of High Voltage Insulation in Power System Equipment by R.E. James and Q. Su | PDF Free Download.

Condition Assessment of High Voltage Contents

  • Introduction
  • Insulating materials utilized in power-system equipment
  • Introduction to electrical insulation design concepts
  • Insulation defects in power-system equipment: Part 1
  • Insulation defects in power-system equipment: Part 2
  • Basic methods for insulation assessment
  • Established methods for insulation testing of specific equipment
  • Sensors for insulation condition monitoring
  • Online insulation condition monitoring techniques
  •  Artificial-intelligence techniques for incipient fault diagnosis and condition assessment

Preface to Condition Assessment of High Voltage Insulation in Power System Equipment

The need for increased reliability and optimum economic performance of high-voltage power systems has become of greater importance in recent years. A major factor in achieving these objectives is the provision of efficient maintenance of the wide range of equipment.

This applies especially to the assessment of the condition of the insulating materials, many of which are subjected to high electrical stresses in critical locations.

The rates of deterioration of these materials are dependent on the operating conditions and, in some cases, materials are expected to retain their useful properties for forty years.

In order to monitor any dangerous changes in the insulating materials, much work is being carried out worldwide in the universities and similar establishments, as well as by utilities and plant manufacturers.

This book introduces the reader to the manner in which the more important components in a power system are interrelated.

The various electrical insulating materials are reviewed and particular properties identified as being suitable for condition assessment and monitoring. A guide is given as to how electric stress calculations may assist in explaining insulation failures.

Analyses are included in some of the fault scenarios occurring in high-voltage power-system equipment. The second half of the book is devoted to the presentation of a wide range of insulation-condition assessment techniques.

Recent advances in the application of digital techniques for measurement and analysis of partial discharges are discussed. Descriptions are given of the high voltage test apparatus necessary for applying to withstand tests according to the various equipment standards.

In the last three chapters new condition monitoring methods in use or under development are presented. These include applications of new sensors, online problems with particular solutions, and the use of artificial intelligence techniques for incipient fault diagnoses.

Extensive references are included. The subject matter of the book is suitable for final-year courses in electrical power engineering, for short courses on insulation-condition assessment, and for postgraduate programs involved with the study of insulating materials.

Power system engineers associated with high-voltage equipment should find the book of value in relation to fault investigations, maintenance requirements, insulation testing, and condition monitoring.

Both authors have significant industrial experience in the United Kingdom (REJ) and China/Singapore (QS) and in teaching and research at Portsmouth Polytechnic (REJ), University of NSW (REJ, QS), and Monash University (QS).

During the later periods many consultancies concerned with industrial high-voltage insulation problems were undertaken.

We wish to acknowledge the value of our association with many ex-colleagues in the industry and the universities and those in the various utilities with whom we have worked.

Our thanks are especially due to our wives and families – Felicia (REJ), Liling, and daughter Shirley (QS) – for their patience and understanding during the writing of the book.

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