Power Plant Engineering by R. K. Hegde
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Power Plant Engineering by R. K. Hegde

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R. K. Hegde obtained his Ph.D. in nanofluid heat transfer from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

The author has more than 20 years of rich industrial and academic experience. Earlier he was involved in power plant operation and maintenance, handling high-pressure FBC boilers, Babcock–Wilcox boilers, turbines, and pumps.

He worked in a power plant in maintenance and is also an authorized boiler operation engineer. He is also a member of I.S.T.E.

His area of interest includes nanofluids, compact heat exchangers, and CFD. He has more than 30 papers published in reputed international journals and also presented 15 papers in international/national conferences. He is also an active reviewer for reputed international journals.

Power Plant Engineering Contents

  • Introduction to Power Plants 
  • Fuels and Combustion 
  • Fuel-Handling Systems 
  • Steam Power Plant 
  • Steam Generator 
  • Fluidized Bed Combustion 
  • Draught System 
  •  Feed Water Treatment 
  • Flow-Through Nozzles 
  • Steam Turbines 
  • Steam Condenser and Circulating Water Systems
  • Gas Turbine Power Plant 
  • Diesel Engine Power Plant 
  • Power from Non-Conventional Sources 
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant 
  • Nuclear Power Plants 
  • Power Plant Economics 
  • Environmental Aspects of Power Station 
  • Instrumentation and Equipment in Power Station

Preface to Power Plant Engineering eBook

Energy, or power as it is often referred to, is critical, directly or indirectly, in the entire process of evolution, growth, and survival of all living beings.

It plays a vital role in the socio-economic development and human welfare of a country. Power is a ‘strategic commodity’.

Any uncertainty about its supply can threaten the functioning of an economy, particularly in developing countries. Since the demand for power is growing consistently, the emphasis is given to generate power by utilizing various sources of environment-friendly energy.

In this context, acquiring the fundamental aspects of power generation is a must for everyone. The book discusses the intricacies of power generation using both renewable and non-renewable resources throughout its nineteen chapters.

The conventional method of power generation and the system details have been covered in the first fourteen chapters while the non-conventional methods of power generation have been explained in chapters 15 and 16.

The chapters cover issues like a thermal power plant, steam power plant, diesel engine power plant, gas turbine plant, a hydro-electric plant, and nuclear power plant, power from non-conventional sources, and power plant economics and Instrumentation.

All chapters are supplemented by neat sketches and illustrations while SI units have also been used throughout the book which makes it a good reference for engineering students and teachers alike.

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