Uponor Plumbing Design Assistance Manual
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Uponor Plumbing Design Assistance Manual

Uponor Plumbing Design Assistance Manual | PDF Free Download.

Plumbing Design Assistance Contents

  • Chapter 1: Uponor PEX Properties
  • Chapter 2: Making ProPEX Connections
  • Chapter 3: Fire-resistant Construction
  • Chapter 4: Pipe Sizing
  • Chapter 5: System Design and Layout
  • Chapter 6: Installation Methods
  • Appendix A: Fluid Properties
  • Appendix B: Uponor PEX Friction Loss Tables
  • Appendix C: Fitting Equivalent Length
  • Appendix D: ProPEX Fitting Dimensions
  • Appendix E: Expansion Arm and Loop Calculations
  • Appendix F: Pipe Heat Loss and Surface Temperature

Foreword to Uponor Plumbing Design Assistance Manual

This design assistance manual is published for architects, building officials, engineers, and mechanical contractors interested in Uponor Professional Plumbing Systems.

It describes general installation recommendations that use Uponor AquaPEX® piping products. Refer to local codes for additional requirements. Uponor made reasonable efforts to collect, prepare, and provide quality information and material in this manual.

However, system enhancements may result in modification of features or specifications without notice. Uponor is not liable for installation practices that deviate from this manual or are not acceptable practices within the mechanical trades, codes, or standards of practice.

Refer to the Uponor AquaSAFETM Installation Guide to install a combination plumbing and fire safety system using Uponor products.

Direct any questions regarding the suitability of an application or a specific design to a local Uponor representative by calling toll free 888.594.7726 (United States) or 888.994.7726 (Canada).

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