Mechanical Estimating Manual Sheet Metal Piping and Plumbing
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Mechanical Estimating Manual Sheet Metal Piping and Plumbing

Mechanical Estimating Manual Sheet Metal, Piping, and Plumbing By Wendes Systems, Inc. | PDF Free Download.

Mechanical Estimating Manual Contents


Preface to Mechanical Estimating Manual Sheet Metal Piping and Plumbing

This cost estimating manual, covering labor and material costs for sheet metal, piping and plumbing construction work, will save you time and money, and help get you jobs.

It is a clear, practical, comprehensive mechanical estimating manual, with a tremendous source of valid labor and price data, formulas, charts, graphs, etc.

It covers proven methodology, efficient procedures, all types of practical forms, detailed estimating, budget estimating, and has many sample estimates.

It shows you how to produce complete and accurate sheet metal, piping, and plumbing estimates quickly and easily.

It contains complete man-hours, material costs, and budget costs. It is clear, concise, comprehensive, and clearly organized for easy reference and application to smooth estimating.

It is an indispensable guide and source of data for the various aspects of mechanical estimating, used by contractors, estimators, owners, and anyone involved with estimating mechanical costs on construction projects.

It also is a great aid to supervisors, mechanics, builders, general contractors, engineers, and architects for planning and scheduling work, budget estimating, cost control, cost accounting, checking change orders, etc

The Mechanical Estimating Manual covers:

  • The principles of successful estimating and contracting, systematic estimating procedures, and sample estimates. 
  • It covers conceptual and scopes budget estimating, as well as fully detailed. 
  • It covers estimating all types of mechanical equipment; heating and cooling, HVAC units, air distribution, plumbing fixtures, specialties, air pollution, and heat recovery equipment. 
  • It covers estimating all types of sheet metal, pressure pipe, and fittings, DWV pipe, and fittings, valves, specialties, etc.
  • It covers contracting for profit, how to correctly applied overhead and profit markups to bids, how to reduce costs to get jobs, computerized estimating, etc. 

Great Need for Valid Labor Figures

There has been a great need for complete and valid man-hour figures on ductwork put together in a practical fashion. Here is a manual that does just that.

And combined with complete and valid piping and plumbing labor and cost figures, it thoroughly covers the entire realm of mechanical contracting estimating.

Based on Twenty Years of Cost Records and Time Studies

The sheet metal labor figures contained herein span over twenty years of cost records, labor histories, and time studies,

not only from the contracting company the author was with during that time period but also through feedback and verifications from other contractors all over the United States and Canada through seminars, consultation, and the Wendee estimating system. 

Optimal Estimating Labor by the Piece or the Pound

Estimating galvanized ductwork by the piece was a major undertaking of countless time studies, cost records, and labor histories.

The time per piece for different sizes and types of ductwork was desperately needed data by the sheet metal industry for decades.

It is now fully developed and verified. However, for those that still prefer per pound estimating for sheet metal both per pound and per piece methods are completely and thoroughly covered herein.

Piping Labor Tables

The piping tables contain valid labor figures which are a consensus of leading successful piping contractors all over the U.S., both large and small developed and compiled during the past ten years with Wendee Systems piping estimating software owners.

Widespread Application of Manual

If you are a contractor or estimator the manual can improve your estimating accuracy, reduce the time spent estimating, aid you in selective bidding, and can help get you more jobs.

If you are the owner of a contracting company or manager of the estimating department, this manual will serve as your set of company standards.

The data herein can be adjusted as may be required, to meet your particular productivity rates more precisely.

The manual can be used for training and controlling of estimating personnel operations. If you are a project manager, superintendent, foreman, or mechanic, here is an excellent guide for planning, scheduling, and monitoring work.

If you are an engineer, architect, builder, or general contractor, this manual will clarify what is all involved in mechanical pricing, and give you quick and accurate budget prices, as well for checking change orders.

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