Engineered Plumbing Design 2 by Alfred Steele
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Engineered Plumbing Design 2 by Alfred Steele


Alfred Steele, P.E., CIPE, authored the first Engineered Plumbing Design book in 1977 and revised it in a 1982 second edition. Al passed away, at age 82, in February, 1998, leaving behind an enduring work in the field of plumbing engineering. With his passing, the American Society of Plumbing Engineers had the foresight to purchase all rights to the original book. With this book, I have tried to carry on where he left off.

Engineered Plumbing Design is a unique book in that the mix between hands-on practical information and the scientific underpinnings of plumbing design is perfectly matched for the designer’s needs. In contrast, many books have been published on plumbing that are filled with numerous illustrations of tools, fittings, tables, etc., which do little to assist in the design of engineered plumbing systems and, in particular, they leave out the scientific basis needed to make sound decisions in designing plumbing systems.

This edition was a collaborative effort to update all parts of the text, where appropriate, correct some minor errors, and improve the graphics and the general presentation of the book — to make it relevant and available for the next generation of plumbing engineers. I thank Mina Freehill and the Society Staff for coordinating the many editorial comments.

The largest share of gratitude goes to my fellow ASPE members and educators, Frank G. Teebagy, P.E., CIPE and Harold L. Olson, P.E. for their input in editing of the second edition of Engineered Plumbing Design and to Jill J. Dirksen, Director of Technical Services with the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, for all her help in editing and in bringing this edition to publication. To the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, a special “Thank You” for your wisdom and foresight to continue the tradition of the profession with the publication of this book; and for offering me the honor and privilege of following in a great man’s footsteps.

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