The Complete Guide to Plumbing
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The Complete Guide to Plumbing

The Complete Guide to Plumbing Fourth Edition, Modern Materials and current Codes, All New Guide to Working with Gas Pipe | PDF Free Download.

Preface to The Complete Guide to Plumbing

Since first hitting bookstore shelves in 1998, The Complete Guide to Home Plumbing has established itself as the best-selling and most authoritative do-it-yourself home plumbing manual available. Now in its 4th edition, The Complete Guide to Plumbing is bigger and better than ever, and completely current with the current National Plumbing Code.

In this comprehensive new volume, you will find all the practical information and know-how you need to understand, install, repair, replace, and maintain your home plumbing system safely and with confidence.

For this new edition, we have freshened up some of the meat-and-potatoes projects to reflect newer products and refinements to the methods. If you have ever installed a toilet before, read through the very first project in the book, “Replace a Toilet.”

You’ll find a couple of new helpful hints that you haven’t seen in the past. And if you are a follower of bathroom design trends, you won’t want to miss our all-new sequences on installing urinals and bidets. These two fixtures are growing quickly in popularity for home usage.

You won’t find step-by-step information on either of these projects in any other home plumbing book. Another unique feature of this 4th edition is the inclusion of some basic information on working with gas pipe, including a couple of gas projects.

Working with gas pipe is not for everyone. It has the potential for danger and in some areas, homeowners are simply not allowed to install or service gas pipe or connections.

But if you have the inclination and the approval to install a new branch line in your natural gas system or just to hook up a gas water heater, you’ll find all the information you need right here. For your convenience, you will find all of the step-by-step projects in the front of this book where they’re easy to find.

We’ve even ranked them more or less in order of popularity, according to the plumbing service pros we’ve spoken to. The indispensable information on tools, materials, and techniques is included in the back of the book for easy reference.

In preparing The Complete Guide to Plumbing we have tried to anticipate your situation and needs as accurately as possible. If at any time you find yourself stuck or a question arises that is not covered in this book, do not hesitate to contact a plumber or your local plumbing inspector.

Download The Complete Guide to Plumbing Fourth Edition, Modern Materials and current Codes, All New Guide to Working with Gas Pipe easily in PDF format for free.