Petroleum Drilling Technology by Changhong Gao
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Petroleum Drilling Technology by Changhong Gao

Petroleum Drilling Technology by Changhong Gao | PDF Free Download.

About the Author of Petroleum Drilling Technology

Changhong Gao received his degrees in petroleum engineering from China University of Petroleum, University of Tulsa and Curtin University.

He worked for Sinopec as a field engineer and research engineer. He also taught at United Arab Emirates University, University of Aberdeen and Petroleum Institute of Abu Dhabi.

In 2013, he was elected Taishan Scholar by Shandong province government, as well as Yellow River Delta Scholar by Dongying city government. His teaching and research interests include drilling mud, production system design and enhanced oil recovery.

He has published more than 30 journal papers and presented a few papers at SPE and APPEA conferences.

Petroleum Drilling Technology Contents

  • Chapter 1 Drilling systems
  • Chapter 2 Drilling mud
  • Chapter 3 Casing design
  • Chapter 4 Directional drilling
  • Chapter 5 Mud hydraulics
  • Chapter 6 Underbalanced drilling
  • Chapter 7 Cementing and perforation 
  • Chapter 8 Drilling problems and drilling costs
  • Chapter 9 Properties of hydrocarbon and rock

Preface to Petroleum Drilling Technology PDF

After some years of experiences in university and industry, the author realizes the need for a precise and concise guide book for drilling engineers and university students. This book covers the most important aspects of petroleum drilling technology.

Chapter 1 introduces the components of rotary drilling system and top drive system.

Chapter 2 discusses properties of drilling fluid and flow of drilling mud. Chapter 3 presents casing design method.

Chapter 4 talks about the deviation tools and trajectory design for directional drilling.

Chapter 5 introduces the mud hydraulics concepts and optimization process.

Chapter 6 introduces underbalanced drilling method, followed by cementing and perforating operations in Chapter 7.

Chapter 8 discusses the common problems encountered during drilling operations.

Finally, Chapter 9 presents basic properties of oil, gas and rock.

After reading this book, the readers gain valuable knowledge in modern drilling technology in the most concise and straightforward manner, without struggling through tedious and excessive descriptions.

A few illustrative examples are included to make theories easy to understand. This book serves as a textbook for students studying petroleum engineering, as well as a reference book for engineers in drilling industry.

The Author is grateful for the financial support from Shandong province government through the prestigious Taishan Scholar program.

Dongying city government also provided financial support through Yellow River Delta Scholar program.

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