The Greening of Petroleum Operations
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The Greening of Petroleum Operations

The Greening of Petroleum Operations by M.R. Islam, A.B. Chhetri, and M.M. Khan | PDF Free Download.

The Greening of Petroleum Operations Contents

  •  Introduction 
  • A Delinearized History of Civilization and the Science of Matter and Energy
  • Fundamentals of Mass and Energy Balance 
  • A True Sustainability Criterion and Its Implications 
  • Scientific Characterization of Global Energy Sources
  • Scientific Characterization of Light and Light Sources 
  • The Science of Global Warming 
  • Diverging Fates of Sustainable and Unsustainable Products 
  • Scientific Difference Between Sustainable and Unsustainable Processes
  • Comparison of Various Energy Production Schemes 
  • The Zero-Waste Concept and its Application to Petroleum Engineering 
  • Sustainable Refining and Gas Processing 
  • Flow Assurance in Petroleum Fluids 
  • Sustainable Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Knowledge Economics 
  • Reconstruction of Engineering Myths Prevalent in the Energy Sector 
  • Greening of Petroleum Operations 
  • Conclusion 

Foreword to The Greening of Petroleum Operations PDF

Civilization is defined by energy policies which, in turn, are subject to partisan politics - one side of the political aisle supports petroleum production and use while the other side supports the injection of various alternative energy sources.

The argument can be prolonged ad nauseam depending upon the interests of those voicing the pros and cons. However, this book shows, with scientific arguments, that there is indeed a sustainable solution to petroleum production and operations.

Moreover, the book is about scientific change and proposes that the science of change is equated with the science of sustainability.

To achieve this, the book covers critical distinctions between the outcomes of natural processes from the outcomes of engineered processes, as well as conventional scientific discourse and work that has been either missed or dismissed.

A comprehensive theory is presented that answers many of the questions that remain unanswered with the current engineering tools.

The book goes on to show that if most of the misconceptions had been addressed, all the contradictions of our modern age would not come to do us harm and deprive us of the sustainable lifestyle that has become the hallmark of our current civilization.

This involves the deconstruction of a series of engineering myths that have been deeply rooted in the energy sector, with the potential for powerful impacts on modern civilization.

The book is well written and will cause scientists and engineers to think and look before they leap onto the latest bandwagon of myth, circumstantial evidence, and preference for a particular partisan funding source.

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