Oil and Gas Training Course Catalog 2014 86 New Courses Complete Suite of Training and Competency Development
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Oil and Gas Training Course Catalog 2014 86 New Courses Complete Suite of Training and Competency Development

Today, the E&P industry faces significant human resource challenges. Companies with a deficit of mid-career expertise are under huge pressure to accelerate the development of their young professionals. And as the industry focuses on hard-to-extract oil and gas resources, professionals at all levels need to acquire fresh skill sets and better understand new technologies and their applications.

NExT is dedicated to the professional development of the E&P industry’s petrotechnical professionals. With a portfolio of more than 420 expert-led courses, training programs, and competency services, NExT has helped more than 10,000 E&P professionals in more than 50 countries develop the petrotechnical expertise needed to meet today’s increasingly complex industry challenges. By combining expert-led courses, in-class projects customized for your asset challenges, field and lab courses that provide hands-on learning experiences, industry-leading software tools, and one-on-one mentoring.

NExT training blends a targeted skills-development program that aligns your team's abilities to your strategic objectives. Our goal is to provide the best tools to help you meet your competency development objectives in a sustainable way. Our years of experience in the oil and gas business, backed by first-class training knowledge gained through university partnerships, enable us to develop, customize, and continually update the industry’s most advanced E&P training and competency development plans to meet your business goals. In the following pages.

You’ll find discipline maps that explain our public course offering. Each color-coded map shows courses grouped by discipline and proficiency level to help you find the right ones for you. You can register for a public course or find out more by visiting us at NExTtraining.net/classes. As always, any of our courses can be tailored to your in-house training program. To find out more or to ask questions about public courses, please e-mail us at [email protected]

For 2014, we have added 86 new courses to our growing course curriculum and expanded our technical training programs with new programs for Surface Facilities O&M, Exploration, Geomechanics, and Unconventional Resources. For training on industry-leading software tools from Schlumberger, we have added new courses for the latest release of Petrel* E&P software platform, Techlog* wellbore software platform, and PetroMod* petroleum systems modeling software. NExT training is here to help move your professional workforce forward. We look forward to serving you and hearing about your training needs and aspirations.  Stephen Pickering is the learning content and delivery director for the NExT oil and gas training and development program.

Since joining Schlumberger in 2000, he has held various technical positions, including operations manager for seismic reservoir inversion, 4D business development manager, and geophysics domain career leader. Before joining Schlumberger, he was a seismic data processing analyst for Western Geophysical, a chief geophysicist and exploration manager for Hamilton Brothers Oil and Gas Ltd., and UK exploration manager UK and Europe and manager of exploration resources and technology for BHP Petroleum Ltd.

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