Inorganic Chemistry For IIT and JEE Main and Advanced
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Inorganic Chemistry For IIT and JEE Main and Advanced

Chemistry Module III Inorganic Chemistry For IIT and JEE Main and Advanced | PDF Free Download.

Inorganic Chemistry Contents

  • Chapter 1 Periodic Table
  • Chapter 2 Chemical Bonding 
  • Chapter 3 Coordination Compounds 
  • Chapter 4 Metallurgy 
  • Chapter 5 Hydrogen and Its Compounds and S-Block elements 
  • Chapter 6 d-and f-block elements 
  • Chapter 7 p-Block Elements 
  • Chapter 8 Salt Analysis

Preface to Inorganic Chemistry For IIT and JEE Main and Advanced

It gives me immense pleasure to present the first edition of this book for JEE aspirants. This is an outcome of teaching experience gained through years of interaction with students preparing for JEE.

The objective of this book is to provide proper guidance and relevant material to the JEE aspirants. The topics and problems of this book are framed in a way that they touch the required level of depth for each topic.

All the chapters of this book have key concepts, solved examples, three levels of problems, and previous years’ questions to provide a quick revision to the aspirants.

The details of the salient points are given below:

KEY CONCEPTS – Efforts have been made to highlight the important theories in short form.

SOLVED EXAMPLES – Improve the problem-solving capacity of the aspirants in a short span of time.

LEVEL-I– are the problems based on basic concepts useful for JEE Main Exam.

LEVEL-II– are the conceptual problems with the wide application of topics that are useful for the JEE Main Exam.

LEVEL-III– are the problems based on comprehension (passage), integer answer types, column matching type, and one or more than one correct answer type to make the students familiar with JEE ADVANCED pattern.

PREVIOUS YEARS’ QUESTIONS FOR JEE (Main & Advanced) –covers previous years’ questions asked in IITJEE, AIEEE and JEE Main Exam.

I have tried my best to keep this book free from errors. Last but not the least, constructive criticism and valuable suggestions from the readers will be highly appreciated to make this book more precise, accurate, and useful.

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