Fundamentals of Momentum Heat and Mass Transfer Fifth Edition James, Charles, Robert and Gregory L. Rorrer
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Fundamentals of Momentum Heat and Mass Transfer Fifth Edition James, Charles, Robert and Gregory L. Rorrer

Fundamentals of Momentum Heat and Mass Transfer Fifth Edition

The first edition of Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer, published in 1969, was written to become a part of what was then known as the ‘‘engineering science core’’ of most engineering curricula. Indeed, requirements for ABET accreditation have stipulated that a significant part of all curricula must be devoted to fundamental subjects.
The emphasis on engineering science has continued over the intervening years, but the degree of emphasis has diminished as new subjects and technologies have entered the world of engineering education. Nonetheless, the subjects of momentum transfer (fluid mechanics), heat transfer, and mass transfer remain, at least in part, important components of all engineering curricula. 
It is in this context that we now present the fifth edition. Advances in computing capability have been astonishing since 1969. At that time, the pocket calculator was quite new and not generally in the hands of engineering students.
Subsequent editions of this book included increasingly sophisticated solution techniques as technology advanced. Now, more than 30 years since the first edition, computer competency among students is a fait accompli and many homework assignments are completed using computer software that takes care of most mathematical complexity, and a good deal of physical insight. We do not judge the appropriateness of such approaches, but they surely occur and will do so more frequently as software becomes more readily available, more sophisticated, and easier to use.

In this edition, we still include some examples and problems that are posed in English units, but a large portion of the quantitative work presented is now in SI units. This is consistent with most of the current generation of engineering textbooks. There are still some subdisciplines in the thermal/fluid sciences that use English units conventionally, so it remains necessary for students to have some familiarity with pounds, mass, slugs, feet, psi, and so forth. Perhaps a fifth edition, if it materializes, will finally be entirely SI. We, the original three authors (W3), welcome Dr. Greg Rorrer to our team. Greg is a member of the faculty of the Chemical Engineering Department at Oregon State University with expertise in biochemical engineering. 
He has had a significant influence on this
edition’s sections on mass transfer, both in the text and in the problem sets at the end of
Chapters 24 through 31. This edition is unquestionably strengthened by his contributions,
and we anticipate his continued presence on our writing team.
We are gratified that the use of this book has continued at a significant level since the
first edition appeared some 30 years ago. It is our continuing belief that the transport
phenomena remain essential parts of the foundation of engineering education and practice.
With the modifications and modernization of this fourth edition, it is our hope that
Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer will continue to be an essential
part of students’ educational experiences.

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