Piping Handbook 7th Edition by Nayyar
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Piping Handbook 7th Edition by Nayyar

Piping Handbook 7th Edition by Mohinder L. Nayyar P.E. | PDF Free Download.

Piping Handbook Contents

  • Part A: Piping Fundamentals
  • Part B: Generic Design Considerations
  • Part C: Piping Systems
  • Part D: Nonmetallic Piping
  • Part E: Appendices

Preface to Piping Handbook PDF

It is with great sense of gratitude and humility I take this blessed moment to offer this Seventh Edition of Piping Handbook.

The challenge presented by the success of the Sixth Edition, coupled with our objective to enhance its reference value and widen its scope, motivated us to reach out and draw upon the recognized expertise on piping related topics not covered in the Sixth Edition.

In addition, we directed our synergetic efforts to upgrade the existing contents to include the latest advances and developments in the field of piping and related technologies.

Fifteen (15) new chapters and nine (9) new appendixes have been added. These additions accord a unique status to this resource book as it covers piping related topics not covered in any one book.

Inclusion of metric and/or SI units along with US customary units is intended to accommodate the growing needs of the shrinking world and the realities of the international market.

We have maintained the familiar and easy to use format of the Sixth Edition.

I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to associate and work with renowned and recognized specialists and leaders whose contributions are not limited to this Piping Handbook, but go far beyond.

For me it has been a rewarding and enlightening experience. I find myself humbled by depth of their knowledge, practical experience, and professional achievements.

These distinguished contributors have offered the sum total of their know how in the form of guidance, cautions, prohibitions, recommendations, practical illustrations, and examples, which should be used prudently with due consideration for application requirements.

The strength, authenticity, and utility of this reference book lie in the wide spread diversity of their expertise and unity of their professionalism.

Based upon the feedback received over the past seven years from the users of the Sixth Edition of this handbook, I feel honored to express my and users gratitude to all the contributors for their commitment to their profession and their higher goal of helping others.

They have made the difference. Their spirit of giving back has not only continued, but has brought in new contributors to expand the scope and enhance the utility of this handbook.

I feel confident that all the contributors shall enjoy the professional satisfaction and the gratitude of users of this handbook. The selfless efforts of all the reviewers listed in the Honors List are of great significance in making improvements in presentation of the subject matter.

The extent of their experience, knowledge, and an insight of topics has been instrumental in extracting the best out of contributors and upgrading the contents of this handbook.

The contributors and reviewers have earned a distinguished status. I salute their commitment; admire their efforts; respect their professionalism; and applaud their achievements.

I want to recognize their perseverance, dedication, hard work and sincerity of their commitment in spite of increasing demands on their time.

I am indebted to the members of the editorial team who spent countless hours and made personal sacrifices to make this team project a reality. Jill Hershey, Troy Skillen, and Soami Suri did not spare any effort to not only fulfill their commitment, but went beyond to accomplish the objectives.

They offered constructive comments, new ideas and energy to support them. In addition to contributing, they assisted me in reviewing, editing, checking and correcting the manuscript.

Furthermore, they provided an objective assessment of needs of progressive professionals involved in piping related fields.

Their efforts reinforced my faith in bright future of our profession. The support and assistance provided by Ervin L. Geiger and Sabin Crocker, Jr., as Associate Editors, is key to the successful completion of this effort.

Each and every individual providing administrative, technical and automation services, listed in Honors List, kept the entire process moving smoothly by their sincere efforts.

Linda Ludewig, Peggy Lamb, and the others at McGraw-Hill could not be better or more cooperative in accommodating our reasonable and unreasonable requests in producing this handbook to the best of their abilities.

Whenever you, the readers and users of this handbook, find it to be of help in your mission, please thank the contributors, reviewers, technical, administrative and automation personnel listed in the Honors List, and the editorial and production staff of McGraw-Hill.

If, at any time, this handbook falls short of your expectations, please do not hesitate to pass it on to me.

It will help us improve the contents and their utility. I shall owe you my gratitude. I take pride in recognizing the active support of my daughters,

Mukta and Mahak; and my son, Manav; who helped me in researching and collecting data; preparing manuscript; reviewing proof pages; and performing other tasks, as needed.

This time they not only allowed me to devote their share of my life to this handbook, but also dedicated a part of their life to it. My wife, Prabha, provided the proverbial support a spouse can hope for, in doing and accomplishing what I aimed for.

No words can convey my feelings and thoughts for her contributions.

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