Metrology and Measurement by Anand K.Bewoor and Vinay A.Kulkarni
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Metrology and Measurement by Anand K.Bewoor and Vinay A.Kulkarni

Nowadays, trade is leading to a greater awareness worldwide of the role that dimensional and mechanical measurement plays in underpinning activities in all areas of science and technology. It provides a fundamental basis not only for the physical sciences and engineering, but also for chemistry, the biological sciences and related areas such as the environment, medicine, agriculture and food.

Laboratory programmes have been modernized, sophisticated electronic instrumentation has been incorporated into the programme and newer techniques have been developed. Keeping these views in mind, this book is written which deals with not only the techniques of dimensional measurement but also the physical aspects of measurement techniques. In today's world of high-technology products, the most important requirements of dimensional and other accuracy controls are becoming very stringent as a very important aspect in achieving quality and reliability in the service of any product in dimensional control Unless the manufactured parts are accurately measured, assurance of quality cannot be given.

In this context, the first part of the book deals with the basic principles of dimensional measuring instruments and precision measurement tech niques. This part of the book starts with discussing the basic concepts in metrology and measurement standards in the first two introductory chapters. Then, linear, angular, machine tool and geometrical shape metrology along with interferometry techniques and various types of comparators are explained thoroughly in the subsequent chapters.

Concepts of limits, fits and tolerances and measurement of surface finish are illustrated in detail. Chapters 11 and 12 discuss the metrology of standard machine parts like screw thread the field of metrology are discussed in the last two chapters of the first part of the books and gears respectively. Miscellaneous measurement and recent advancements in The second part of this book begins with the explanation of measurement systems and transducers. The methods of measuring mechanical quantities, viz., force, torque, vibration, pressure, temperature, strain and flow measurement are discussed subsequently, covering both the basic and derived quantities. Effort has been made to present the subject in SI units.

Some of the recent developments such as use of laser techniques in measurement have also been included. The Online Learning Center of the book can be accessed at and contains the following material For Instructors (Solution Manual - PowerPoint lecture slides - Full-resolution figures and photos from the text - Model syllabi). For Students (Interactive quiz - Objective-type questions)

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