Training Manual on Energy Efficiency for Small and Medium Enterprises
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Training Manual on Energy Efficiency for Small and Medium Enterprises


With the rising costs of energy and concerns about global warming, it is imperative that countries adopt the most efficient energy conservation measures and technologies. Energy conservation must evolve as a way of life in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region given the limited availability of resources.

If we are to share commercial energy equitably across all sections of society, it is necessary to conserve energy and use it efficiently. Industries can become globally competitive when their production process consumes the least amount of energy.

For this purpose, energy audits and conservation studies must be conducted at regular intervals in all industries. One of the main bottlenecks in conducting these studies is the lack of technical information on various type of equipment and how energy performance should be measured.

The Working Manual on Energy Efficiency in SMEs is an attempt to address this issue in a practical manner. The manual is the outcome of a series of projects organized by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) comprising e-learning courses, international workshops organized with the National Productivity Council, New Delhi, India and in Kish Island, Islamic Republic of Iran with the National Iranian Productivity Center (NIPC) and national workshops conducted by the author in 2008/09, during which the practical aspects of energy efficiency were discussed.

The manual explains energy efficiency aspects for adoption by SMEs from various aspects, and is meant to provide the knowledge needed for energy efficiency adoption in the SME Sector as a complementary resource to the APO’s recently published manual Energy Auditing.

The Working Manual on Energy Efficiency for SMEs was developed by the APO to promote the energy efficiency concepts so that industries in the region can perform comprehensive energy audits and become more competitive. I hope that it will find wide acceptance among industry professionals in the AsiaPacific.

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