Everything Science Grade eleven Physical Science by volunteers
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Everything Science Grade eleven Physical Science by volunteers

This book is based upon the original Free High School Science Text which was entirely written by volunteer academics, educators and industry professionals. Their vision was to see a curriculum aligned set of mathematics and physical science textbooks which are freely available to anybody and exist under an open copyright license. When we look outside at everything in nature, look around us at everything manufactured or look up at everything in space we cannot but be struck by the incredible diversity and complexity of life; so many things, that look so different, operating in such unique ways.

The physical universe really contains incredible complexity. Yet, what is even more remarkable than this seeming complexity is the fact that things in the physical universe are knowable. We can investigate them, analyse them and understand them. It is this ability to understand the physical universe that allows us to transform elements and make technological progress possible. If we look back at some of the things that developed over the last century – space travel, advances in medicine, wireless communication (from television to mobile phones) and materials a thousand times stronger than steel – we see they are not the consequence of magic or some inexplicable phenomena.

They were all developed through the study and systematic application of the physical sciences. So as we look forward at the 21st century and some of the problems of poverty, disease and pollution that face us, it is partly to the physical sciences we need to turn. For however great these challenges seem, we know that the physical universe is knowable and that the dedicated study thereof can lead to the most remarkable advances.

There can hardly be a more exciting challenge than laying bare the seeming complexity of the physical universe and working with the incredible diversity therein to develop products and services that add real quality to people’s lives. Physical sciences is far more wonderful, exciting and beautiful than magic! It is everywhere. See introductory video by Dr. Mark Horner: VPsfk at www.everythingscience.co.za Everything Science is not just a Science textbook. It has everything you expect from your regular printed school textbook, but comes with a whole lot more.

 For a start, you can download or read it on-line on your mobile phone, computer or iPad, which means you have the convenience of accessing it wherever you are. We know that some things are hard to explain in words. That is why every chapter comes with video lessons and explanations which help bring the ideas and concepts to life.

Summary presentations at the end of every chapter offer an overview of the content covered, with key points highlighted for easy revision. All the exercises inside the book link to a service where you can get more practice, see the full solution or test your skills level on mobile and PC. We are interested in what you think, wonder about or struggle with as you read through the book and attempt the exercises. That is why we made it possible for you to use your mobile phone or computer to digitally pin your question to a page and see what questions and answers other readers pinned up.

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