Modern Engineering Thermodynamics by Robert T. Blamer
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Modern Engineering Thermodynamics by Robert T. Blamer


This textbook has two main objectives. The first is to provide students with a clear presentation of the fundamental principles of basic and applied engineering thermodynamics. The second is to help students develop skills as engineering problem solvers by nurturing the development of their confidence with basic engineering principles through the use of numerous solved example problems. Problem-solving skills are not necessarily learned simply by routinely solving more and more problems. The understanding of proven problem-solving strategies and techniques greatly accelerates the development of problem-solving skills. Throughout the text, learning assessment exercises are included that have proven to be effective in helping students to understand and develop confidence in their ability to solve engineering thermodynamics problems. To meet these objectives, explanations are occasionally more detailed than those found in other texts, because common learning difficulties encountered by students have been anticipated. If students can understand the text by simply reading it, then the instructor has more flexibility in selecting lecture material. For example, an instructor might choose to develop a few salient points from the reading and then work a few interesting example problems, rather than present a complete derivation of all the assigned reading material.

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