Basic Manufacturing Third Edition by Roger Timings
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Basic Manufacturing Third Edition by Roger Timings

PREFACE to Basic Manufacturing Third Edition by Roger Timings:

This third edition of basic manufacturing has been revised and updated so as to satisfy the requirements of the:

• Edexcel vocational GCSE in manufacturing.

• OCR GCSE in manufacturing.

• GNVQ in manufacturing (Foundation and Intermediate, including part 1).

The world of manufacturing is all around us. It is fast-moving and increasingly global in its organization. In order to maintain a competitive edge, industries must keep pace with technological innovation and be ready to respond to changing market needs.

Modern manufacturing thrives on and provides exciting career opportunities for employees who have transferable skills and the ability to work across the boundaries that have traditionally divided manufacturing into discrete sectors.

Although there are many strands of manufacturing, all manufacturing organizations share a common approach of satisfying a market with affordable goods of satisfactory quality (fitness for purpose) whilst remaining profitable.

These aims must be achieved through their core activities of:

• Designing and costing for production,

• Production planning, quality control and assurance,

• The application of modern technology and ICT to manufacturing.

The study of courses related to these core activities will equip students with knowledge, understanding and skills that are transferable to any sector or specialist strand of manufacturing.

The topic areas covered in this book are, as their names suggest, central to all manufacturing sectors and satisfy the requirements of the awarding bodies listed above.

This textbook also provides excellent background support to other technical subjects such as GCSE/AS Level Design and Technology and Foundation/ Intermediate level GNVQ Engineering. It is also designed to cater for the requirements of a wider range of predegree courses that demand a firm grounding in the business and practice of world quality manufacturing.

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