Alfa Laval Pump Handbook
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Alfa Laval Pump Handbook


This pump handbook has been produced to support pump users at all levels, providing an invaluable reference tool. The handbook includes all the necessary information for the correct selection and successful application of the Alfa Laval ranges of Centrifugal, Liquid Ring and Rotary Lobe Pumps. The handbook is divided into fifteen main sections

1 Terminology and Theory 

2 Pump Selection

3 Pump Description

 4 Pump Materials of Construction 

5 Pump Sealing4

 6 Pump Sizing 

7 Pump Specification Options

8 Motors 

9 Cleaning Guidelines

 10 Compliance with International Standards and Guidelines 

11 Installation Guide 

12 Troubleshooting 

13 Technical Data 

14 Glossary of Terms

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