Machining Technology Machine Tools and Operations
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Machining Technology Machine Tools and Operations

Machining Technology Machine Tools and Operations by Helmi A. Youssef and Hassan El Hofy | PDF Free Download.

Preface to Machining Technology PDF

This book provides a comprehensive description of machining technologies related to metal shaping by material removal techniques, from the basic to the most advanced, in today’s industrial applications.

It is a fundamental textbook for undergraduate students enrolled in production, materials and manufacturing, industrial, and mechanical engineering programs.

Students from other disciplines can also use this book while taking courses in the area of manufacturing and materials engineering.

It should be also useful to graduates enrolled in high-level machining technology courses and professional engineers working in the field of manufacturing industry.

The book covers the technologies, machine tools, and operations of several machining processes.

The treatment of the different subjects has been developed from the basic principles of machining processes, machine tool elements, and control systems,

and extends to ecological machining and the most recent machining technologies, including nontraditional methods and hexapod machine tools.

Along with the fundamentals of the conventional and modern machine tools and processes, the book presents environmentalfriendly machine tools and operations;

design for machining, accuracy, and surface integrity realized by machining operations; machining data;

and solved examples, problems, and review questions, which are very useful for undergraduate students and manufacturing engineers facing shop fl oor problems.

The book is written in 15 chapters, describing for the fi rst time in one book the fundamentals, basic elements,

and operations of general-purpose machine tools used for the production of cylindrical and fl at surfaces by turning, drilling and reaming, shaping and planing, and milling processes.

Special-purpose machines and operations used for thread cutting, gear cutting, and broaching processes are also dealt with.

Semiautomatic, automatic, NC and CNC machine tools, operations, tooling, mechanisms, accessories, and work fi xation are discussed.

Abrasion and abrasive fi nishing machine tools and operations such as grinding, honing, superfi nishing, and lapping are described.

Modern machine tools and operations, dynamometers, and hexapod machine tools and processes are described.

Design for accurate and economic machining, ecological machining, levels of accuracy, and surface fi nish attained by machining methods are also presented.

Outlines of Machining Technology PDF

n Chapter 1, the history and progress of machining, aspects of machining technology, and the basic motions of machine tools are introduced.

Classification of machine tools and operations in addition to the basic motions of machining operations are also given.

Chapter 2 introduces the design considerations and requirements of machine tools, including basic elements such as beds,

structures, frames, guideways, spindles and shafts, stepped and stepless drives, planetary transmission, machine tool motors, couplings, and brakes.

Material selection and heat treatment of machine tool elements, and the testing and maintenance of machine tools are also discussed.

Chapter 3 covers general-purpose metal cutting machine tools including lathes, drilling, reaming, jig boring machines, milling machines,

and the machine tools of a reciprocating nature such as shapers, planers, and slotters. Machine tool elements, mechanisms, tooling, accessories, and operations are also explained.

Chapter 3 also presents abrasion machine tools, including grinding and surface finishing machines and processes.

Chapter 4 describes the different types and applications of commonly used screw threads.

Thread machining by cutting and grinding methods are described, together with thread cutting machines and cutting tools.

In Chapter 5, common types of gears are listed and their applications described.

Gear production by machining methods that include cutting, grinding, and lapping are described, together with their corresponding machine tools and operations.

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