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Design of Machine Elements Third Edition by V. B. Bhandari
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Design of Machine Elements Third Edition by V. B. Bhandari


It was really a pleasure to receive an overwhelming response to the textbook Design of Machine Elements since it was published first in 1994. In fact, whenever I visit an engineering college in any part of the country students and staff members of the Mechanical Engineering Department know me as the 'Machine Design author' and the book has become my identity. Machine design occupies a prominent position in the curriculum of Mechanical Engineering. It consists of applications of scientific principles, technical information and innovative ideas for the development of a nevw or improved machine.

The task of a machine designer has never been easy, since he has to consider a number of factors, which are not always compatible with the present-day technology. In the context of today's technical and social climate, the designer's task has become increasingly difficult. Today's designer is required to account for many factors and considerations that are almost impossible for one individual to be thoroughly conversant with. At the same time, he cannot afford to play a role of something like that of a music director.

He must have a special competence of his own and a reasonable knowledge of other instruments New to this Edition After the publication of the second edition in 2007, it was observed that there was a need to incorporate a broader coverage of topics in the textbook to suit the content of 'Machine Design' syllabi of various uni versities in our country. One complete chapter on Design of Engine Components' (Chapter 25) and half a chapter on 'Design of Riveted Joints' (Chapter 8) are added to fulfill this requirement. Design of Engine Components includes cylinders, pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts and valve-gear mechanism. Design of Riveted Joints includes strength equations, eccentrically loaded joints and riveted joints in boiler shells Another important feature of the current edition is changing the style of solutions to numerical examples.

A 'step-by-step' approach is incorporated in all solved examples of the book. This will further simplify and clarify the understanding of the examples. Target Audience This book is intended to serve as a textbook for all the courses in Machine Design. It covers the syllabi of all universities, technical boards and professional examining bodies such as Institute of Engineers in the country. It is also useful for the preparation of competitive examinations like UPSC and GATE This textbook is particularly written for the students of the Indian subcontinent, who find it difficult to adopt the textbooks written by foreign authors. The book is divided into 25 chapters.

Chapter 1 is an introductory chapter on machine design and discusses the various procedures, requirements, design methods and ergonomic considerations for design. Chapter 2 is on engineering materials and describes the different kinds of irons, steels and alloys used in engineering design. Chapter 3 explains in detail the manufacturing considerations in design. Chapters 4 and 5 discuss the various procedures for design against static load and fluctuating load correspondingly.

Chapter 6 describes power screws in detail while chapters 7 and 8 specify the features and varieties of threaded joints, and welded and riveted joints in that order. Similarly, chapters 9 to 22 are each devoted to a particular design element, that is, shafts, keys and couplings; springs; friction clutches; brakes; belt drives; chain drives; rolling contact bearings; sliding contact bearings; spur gears; helical gears; bevel gears; worm gears; flywheel; cylinders and pressure vessels respectively s es Chapter 23 describes miscellaneous machine elements like oil scals, wire ropes, rope sheaves and drums. Chapter 24 details the various statistical considerations in design. Finally, Chapter 25 explains the design of IC engine components.

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